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5 Must Buy Whey Protein Shaker Blender In 2018


Protein shake blenders – aren’t they all the same? Not quite. Experts will quickly tell you the difference, from sheer capacity and reliability to material, accessories, smart design and other details that get overlooked. Don’t waste time researching every model available until you buy yours – read these suggestions:

Sports Bottle Whey Protein Shaker Blender with 3 Layers Multi-Function

Check out my review of Sports Bottle Whey Protein Shaker Blender with 3 Layers Multi-Function

This is a BPA-free bottle that does not contaminate your drinks with plastic particles. It’s divided into 3 parts, one for the liquids, another for the vitamins and another for the protein powder. Its stylish look (black/black and white) easily becomes a favorite. You can drink directly from it, no straw needed. The lid closes well and thus you may take it outdoors.

Buy Sports Bottle Whey Protein Shaker Blender with 3 Layers Multi-Function


Contigo Shake & Go® Fit

Contigo produces remarkable designs that are sure to get anyone’s attention. The acclaimed shaker contains no bad plastics and is environmentally friendly, looking graceful and stylish at the same time. For the aesthetically conscious, this is surely a top choice.

Buy Contigo Shake & Go® Fit


Fuelshaker Pro

Check out my review of Fuelshaker Pro

This is a straightforward design that makes it easy for you to maneuver every piece. Clean it and assemble it with ease, as needed. While the design is very uncomplicated and the opening rather small, it is perfectly functional and enjoyable, with a handy push-to-mix mechanism. Keep your liquids, as well as supplement powders in this large bottle (600 ml). The lid stays well in place so you can leave it in your bag without worries. The standard version is complete in itself, but if you wish for added functionality, then you may order compatible accessories too, such as extensions.

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Jaxx Shaker Bottle

This modern looking bottle sports an ergonomic design, so you can easily get a good grip and hold it. It’s got a superior mixing power through the patented agitator, which is leak-proof and dishwasher safe. It may seem like a complicated model, but the parts are removable and thus are easy to clean separately.

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Hydra Cup 2.0 Dual Shaker Cup

The new version of the dual shaker cup is by far one of the best looking in its range. With an eye-catching design, bright color and cool messages printed on its surface, it is definitely the most tempting offering on this list. The plastic is medical grade and it’s got a capacity for 110 grams of powder and 28 oz as total quantity. The space inside is split in two so you can prepare your pre- and post-workout drinks and have them separately. It’s a big one, but it can be extremely helpful in so many situations. If you’re not using it entirely for drinks, you may store supplements or other needed things on one side.

Buy Hydra Cup 2.0 Dual Shaker Cup


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