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My Current Top 5 Gym Songs


A training session requires you to be in the right frame of mind. You are going to put your body through a series of challenges so it helps a lot if your mind is focused. Our muscles are more capable than we think. If you can reach down and find that inner strength, you will be able to redefine your limits, or defy them altogether.

A great preworkout formula may give lend you some focus, but in isolation, it is not enough. You need a great workout playlist to get you in the zone.

Music has been demonstrated to have a profound effect on the neural system. You can actually get more pumped for an activity if the right song is playing. You get motivation to push those extra reps. And as we all know, that is where the magic happens. Your music tastes notwithstanding, here are the five gym songs I would recommend to anyone who wants to get totally pumped.

Give It All by Rise Against – Buy the MP3

American punk rock group Rise Against has a number of great hits but as far as gym songs go, Give It All has to be their best creation. The lyrics are really deep and the bridge encourages you to chant along. Basically, the song calls on you to pick yourself up and give it your all. It is a fast paced song, and gives you just enough of a pace to get you fired up for that last set.

Demons by Imagine Dragon – Buy the MP3

Some of us work out to prove to ourselves that we are capable; that we have the wherewithal to deal with whatever weights we have to bear outside the gym. Demons preach that very message. It talks of how we all have our demons. It is the ideal song to pair with an intense session because it makes you want to bring out the beast inside.

My Body by Young The Giant – Buy the MP3

My Body is the ultimate song to get you really pumped. It has this dynamic that addresses both liberation and subjugation. The bridge is especially catchy, because it encourages you not to quit when your body is pushed really far. It motivates you to give it some more when you feel like there is nothing left to give. It is a great song for getting you pumped.

I Made It by Kevin Rudolf feat Birdman, Jay Sean and Lil Wayne – Buy the MP3

This one is pretty straight forward. ‘We started from the bottom now here we are’ is the basic message it tries to pass. As a gym song, it reminds you of your journey, and how much progress you have made since you first started. It inspires you to go further still because your dreams are always within reach.

Heart of a Champion by Nelly – Buy the MP3

A popular song in sports, Heart of a Champion reaffirms to you how you are a winner in the making, and how you have the will to be all you dream of. Suffice it to say it is a feel good song and that quality, is enough to help you stay focused.

Throw on your headphones, and play these songs loud. You’ll be amazed at how dramatically they can change your workouts.

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