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My hit-and-miss experience with RedMart


RedMart touted themselves “#1 Supermarket Online on the App Store” as evident in their iTunes app webpage. And I do agree, to a certain extent.

The most appropriate keyword to describe RedMart’s online purchase experience is convenient and fast. Their graphical user interface, be it on the desktop or app is user-friendly.

The backend is tinkered with amazing but yet simple features. There’s a whole selection of groceries to even non-groceries items to choose from.

I especially love the clearance sale and a wide range offers that’s available on a daily basis.

But there’s a but.

Out of the four times, I ordered on RedMart, they’ve screw-up the delivery twice.

29 October Delivery

One of the order, the frozen chicken, I discovered the quantity was lesser than what I ordered. I bought four pieces of chicken, but RedMart delivered only three.

8 October Delivery

My eggs were delivered cracked by RedMart. I had to throw away more than half of the eggs.

I wrote in to RedMart

Local companies upon receiving complain or feedbacks in my experience are mostly unapologetic but to I’ve to give props to RedMart customer service, they were professional and they assume accountability on the lapses.

They even refunded the value of the items was that not delivered and for the damaged eggs. And their turn-around time for response was 6 hours on a Sunday. Not bad at all.

You’d say I should have checked the item beforehand when delivered. Well, you are right, from now onwards I surely will! That is if I’m still sticking to RedMart after this incident. I would like to try Amazon and Honestbee next.

It’s not that I don’t want to check, but being a noob to online groceries shopping, I did not foresee such a screw-up. Now I’m well prepared and have learned from this experience itself.

I’m sure RedMart has stepped up their supply chain management flow since the 2015 debacle of RedMart apologises for lapse in service. I truly hope and if I do order again from RedMart, that I’m not left frustrated again.

Yes, while companies try to optimize their operations to maximize both speed and efficiency to cater to the growing demand of customer’s value of fast service, they should not forget on focusing on the basic nitty-gritty such as ensuring the orders online are delivered as promised.

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