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My lukewarm experience with HonestBee


HonestBee (https://www.honestbee.sg) is a homegrown online grocery service founded in 2015 that render its services in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Manila and Tokyo. While it does food delivery also, I’m focusing on the groceries aspect only.

The portal

I’ve so far ordered my groceries from HonestBee twice, online (Website, not the app). The first impression of the portal usage is that they should consolidate all the stores under one database for ease of usage and search. Yes, it’s great to have a wide variety of selection from the various stores, but it is a hassle to switch one from the other.

The delivery

No issues on this front faced by me. The delivery person was prompt, polite and professional. I love the tote bag that comes with it.

And if you’ve frozen item on the list, they will as much as possible to keep it cool.

HonestBee has lesser inventory

Here’s a comparison of me trying to find laundry detergent ‘Kao Attack’ on HonestBee versus Redmart. Not only HonestBee has lesser variety but it’s all out of stock.

While this is RedMart inventory on the same product ‘Kao Attack’. See the difference.

Limitation during purchasing

As you can view the video below, I was only able to ‘Add to Cart’ one tuna can only. Seriously what? It’s the first time I’ve ever experienced such a shortcoming.

Cancelled orders

The biggest gripe about using HonestBee is their cancelled orders. I was ordering frozen salmon from one of the stores, FairPrice at HonestBee.

Not once but TWICE did HonestBee cancelled my order. Yes, there is an option to place an alternative order, but no thanks. I wish to get what I ordered, please.

If HonestBee is not able to fulfil that order, then please remove the product from the listing totally. I’ve other friends facing this same issue too.

And how do you use the ‘apology’ coupon? I tried to check out but I can’t see the coupon comes into effect at all. Might as well don’t give me right. Overall such a disappointing experience.

The bottomline

Honestly, I feel HonestBee has so much potential and I hope they will step up their e-commerce game, and they don’t continue to make flaky decisions such as 2016 April fool’s prank, where they are ‘offering’ exotic meat such as koala and panda meat on sale. I mean like seriously, there are better ways to raise awareness on the plight of endangered animals. Where did the marketing team common sense went?

Will I ever order from HonestBee again? No.

I’ll stick to RedMart (Tips: Just don’t order eggs from them & check your final order before the delivery person leaves).

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