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Myth or Truth – Does D-Ribose helps in strength gains


Workouts are meant to ‘work you out’ given the strenuous routine, thus tiring you as your energy resources get depleted. Irrespective of the kind of supplements taken or number of protein shakes consumed, in order to gain completely from a workout, you need to have great energy and that is where ribose chips in as an excellent source of energy.

What is D-Ribose

D-Ribose is a sugar that is naturally formed in the body via the metabolic pathway that is termed as pentose phosphate pathway and is produced using glucose. The structure of D-Ribose has five carbons on a ring-like structure, thus making it a pentose sugar. This ribose sugar is present in the RNA and DNA of all living beings.

Role of D-Ribose in the body

The main function of ribose in the body is to help in the production of ATP in the body. ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate and this component is one of the extremely essential ingredients of the body since it is a source of energy. This energy is required to carry out the various functions of the body. The ATP acts as the chief energy storage unit in the body and also a unit of energy transportation within the body.

Ribose even helps to produce NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and FAD (flavin adenine dinucleotide) both of which play an important role in the process of respiration. Additionally, D-ribose is present in the B2 vitamin which is called riboflavin. Of the vital molecules used for metabolism of energy, vitamin B2 forms a component of most of them.

D-Ribose for strength gain during workouts

Energy is imperative during workouts, especially for athletes and bodybuilders, who will last longer and be able to work out better if provided with an external source of energy. The naturally occurring D-Ribose sugar acts as a powerhouse of energy as it stimulates the production of ATP, which is the chief energy source, thus busting the myth regarding D-ribose being an ineffective form for energy supply and gaining strength.

D-ribose can thus be considered an ignition switch that kick-starts the production of ATP energy, thus supplying the body with more strength and vigor to survive through an intensive workout. When the naturally occurring D-Ribose diminishes, food sources cannot replenish it quickly and external sources in the form of supplements prevent the ATP production from being compromised.

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