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Napping Effects On Bodybuilding


Besides diet and training, bodybuilders must give all their attention to sleep, too. The concern here should be about length, timing and quality, and none of these aspects can be ignored. Sleeping influences the rate at which your muscles grow. It is when the growth hormone is released and when repair processes in the body are being prioritized.

To some bodybuilders it is still unclear what should they do about sleep – should they just stick to the 8-hour rest at night or nap during the day as well? After all, napping is so frequently encouraging and seems to have such refreshing effects over the mind and body. We’ll have a look at this issue.

Is sleeping after breakfast good?

Although, some have mentioned it, sleeping at daytime is strongly discouraged in the bodybuilding world, yet when we are talking about power napping, the talk changes. It’s alright to sleep for 10 to 20 minutes but no more than that. A power nap is restorative and can work wonders for your daily routine. It will help you carry on, but will not have those long-term effects you are looking for. In any case, naps will not aid the real recovery process. This happens during the long sleep stages at night. This is when the growth hormone is released.

Why it’s better to avoid sleeping during the day?

With the exception of short naps or ‘power naps’, it’s best to avoid all sleep during the day. Think that your training is at daytime. Sleep is welcome when all activities are done and over with, so that your muscles can rest, repair and grow. The body enters a completely different state, where it can carry on its repair and replenish processes. Thus, it wouldn’t be such a good idea to sleep during the day. This matter is also related to hormones. These have a precise timing in healthy individuals and regulate everything from metabolic processes to sleep cycles.

Naps don’t have much of a benefit to the bodybuilder, except for increasing their ability to perform for the day. What would work would be a nap of 50 to 90 minutes, which would allow one to enter the restorative stages of sleep. However, that is a true luxury to most. It is hard to fit this into one’s schedule so this is why most prefer to just forget about this.

The timing

Any napping can wreak havoc one’s nighttime sleep schedule. This is valid especially for naps after 3 pm so, if you have the time and plan on napping, do it before this hour. There will be less of a risk. Keep in mind that snacks rich in protein are ideal to eat before you go to sleep.

Let your body enjoy the rest it needs

If you can’t always get a good night’s sleep and your night rest in compromised, you can make it up by taking naps during the day, especially since you could feel quite tired and inclined to do that. Many of the big bodybuilders tend to listen to their bodies. Sleepiness is a signal that should be interpreted as it is: a sign that your body needs rest. Don’t forget that sleep represents the most important part of your recovery.

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