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Bestselling On-Sale Supplements That You Should Buy


Supplements are a must for bodybuilders, athletes and health and fitness enthusiasts who spend considerable time working out at the gym and need something for recovery and replenishing of the lost nutrients. With so many supplements flooding the market, making a choice can get difficult and so the best supplements that are on sale have been listed below.

Now Foods, Omega-3, 180 EPA/120 DHA

Omega 3 softgels are naturally obtained fish oil concentrate dietary supplements that are molecularly distilled and help provide support to the heart and also the cardiovascular health. These kosher supplements contain gelatin and have the strength of 180EPA/120DHA. The recommended dosage is 2 softgels to be taken with meals twice in a day. These are priced low with 200 softgels in a bottle.

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California Gold Nutrition, LactoBif Probiotics, 100 Billion CFU

LactoBif Probiotics contains active and clinically tested strains of 5 lactobacilli and 3 bifidobacteria probiotics strains using Danisco’s FloraFIT probiotics. These veggie capsules are manufactured and packed individually and are double foil blister sealed thus ensuring to provide a barrier for moisture, oxygen, and light, and protect and preserve the integrity of the probiotics. A pack contains 30 Veggie capsules of 100 million CFU which are recommended to be taken once a day or as directed by the healthcare professional.

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Optimum Nutrition, Opti-Men

These Optimum Nutrition tablets for men named Opti-Men contain more than 75 ingredients which make it quite a high potency dietary supplement. The true to strength tablets are aimed at a nutrient optimization system and manufactured with a new coating that makes the tablet easy to swallow. A jar contains 150 tablets and the recommended usage for men is to take 3 tablets daily along with the meal. These tablets contain shellfish or oyster.

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MusclePharm, Combat 100% Whey Protein

This 100% whey protein is ideal for maintaining lean muscle and replenishing the body of lost nutrients post a workout; it even helps fuel the muscles and boost the performances. This fast mixing blends of concentrate and isolate whey are easily digested and do not contain any banned products. The 25g protein comes in an all-time favorite chocolate flavor and one scoop is recommended to be mixed with 8 to 12 FL Oz of water or milk. The mixture can be made thicker as per choice.

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