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4 things you didn’t know about the People’s Champion, Roelly Winklaar


It’s hard not to gasp when you see Roelly Winklaar’s physique – it is incredibly symmetric, its sheer size, as well as muscle definition, is impressive. Recently, at Mr Olympia 2018, a new award was created and Roelly was crowned the first People’s Champion. The star was born on an island, in Curaçao, which belongs to the Netherlands. Below you will be presented with 4 less-known facts concerning this very popular bodybuilder.

1. A not-so-usual start of a bodybuilding career

Up to a point, Roelly seems just like everyone else: he saw a picture of Arnold – a side pose of his impressive arms – and found it amazing. This triggered an intense desire to look similar and so he began training. However, he did not consider going professional until an almost fatal car accident changed his life in 2004. He was 27. Only after that he felt he’d been wasting his potential and got Sybil as his coach and he finally earned his pro card 2010. Since then, Roelly has never missed a Mr Olympia.

2. The strongest point

While the symmetry gets a lot of praise, people can’t help but notice Roelly’s arms. Their sheer size and definition make jaws drop. His triceps were said to be the best of all times. If you are wondering there might be some big secret to such achievement, there really isn’t. The bodybuilder confessed it’s all about genetics in his case. Even in his early gym days, he was performing the same exercises as everyone, but gaining far more mass than the rest.

3. The shoulders routine

Along with the arms, Roelly’s shoulders are equally impressive. The complete shoulder training program is as follows: seated dumbbell presses, cable rear laterals, alternative dumbbell front raises and EZ-bar upright rows, each of them done 15 X 4.

4. The gut changes

Experts and fans have noticed big changes in Roelly’s gut. Not long ago, he was sporting a bloated stomach like most size monsters. However, in only one year he became much flatter – the kind of shape that recommends him as a detached winner for the future. The transition is not as much about diet and training routine though, as it is about posing. His poses have drastically improved. Keeping the gut in is doing him an immense favour.

You may not remember all these facts, but if you are to retain something from Winklaar’s story, perhaps it is this: if you know you could do something, then go for it and don’t settle for the lower levels.

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