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Secrets That Personal Trainer Won’t Share


If anyone knew everything about bodybuilding, there would be no need for personal trainers, right? Thus, it is only expected that these guys would have their secrets. Ever knew what placed them in a superior position?

Do personal trainers share all secrets?

It’s only normal that personal trainers don’t give away all their secrets. After all, they always have to be one step ahead, so that their trainees admire them and constantly look up to them. When your teacher is better than you, you stay motivated and constantly strive to achieve more.

One important secret that some personal trainers revealed is that of setting goals. They set both short-term and long-term goals for their clients. This method ensures good cooperation and motivation. Also, it gives true confidence.

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For the same reason, personal trainers will focus on activities that you enjoy. They will notice the kind of workouts you prefer and will use that to your advantage. Then, they vary the session by adding what you don’t quite prefer and it’s the variety that makes it easier in the end. However, this calls for proper communication, too. The client has to talk about what they like better. Also, the trainer can notice and eliminate those types of exercises in one’s schedule that do not yield any results.

These professionals also pay attention to how you are breathing while working out. They see the pattern, the rhythm, the shallowness etc. By these clues they can tell whether you are or aren’t pushing yourself too hard. Breathing gives them clues when you are close to injuring yourself. It’s the trainer that going to get you through the last rep that you don’t feel able to carry out – without causing any injury.

It’s also a well kept secret that certifications don’t mean that much. After all, there are amazing bodybuilders who reached their impressive level on their own. A certain qualification doesn’t necessarily mean that one personal trainer is better than another. If you are looking for someone knowledgeable, better choose one with a degree instead of a qualification. Also, do not be blinded by fame. There are trainers who worked with celebrities and A-listers you admire. Keep in mind that these famous faces have very different means. They are also able to pay the huge fees. You cannot set the same goal as they have set, it’s unrealistic on so many levels.

Above all of these, perhaps the ultimate secret of a personal trainer is that you don’t really need them. Usually, all you need to do is to understand that you need to make a lifestyle change and then commit to it. To some, this comes easier than to others. Nowadays there are plenty of resources to learn from, if you know your body well. This does depend though on what kind of person you are, on the level your will and motivation are at and the kind of life you lead. People who don’t have a strong will have immense benefits from hiring a trainer. The same goes for individuals who lack the time to sort out the learning resources by themselves.

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