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Picking Your Ideal Gym Training Partners


People usually pick gym partners with one purpose in mind: to stop being lonely and to feel motivated. They make their gym sessions fun. However, your gym partners can also end up compromising your bulking efforts and derailing you completely. The more serious your fitness or bodybuilding goal is, the more attention you have to pay to the ones who train with you.

First of all, why work out with a partner?

If you are still undecided about these, let’s have a list of the reasons why it’s so beneficial:

  • It motivates you
  • You’ll be looking forward to each training session
  • Your workouts will be more intense (you will feel competitive)
  • You can’t afford a personal trainer
  • Your partner can be your spotter

Now that you know the benefits, let’s see what you should look for in a gym partner.

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You don’t necessarily need someone who’s just like you. In fact, going beyond what represents you is most helpful. Don’t pick someone of the same age or fitness level, for example. Ideally, you’ll go for someone who is doing well with their training. You may choose someone younger who gives you energy, or someone older who is more reliable and knows more.

We’ll have to highlight that: pick a reliable person. You want them to show up as scheduled and help you out by counting reps and so on, or by actually working out instead of talking, texting or wasting time in any other way. Also, get a constant partner, who will be joining you for the long term. If they have too busy lives, they may not be able to stick to the gym habit.

Don’t join a quitter. They have to be there until the end – the end of each gym session, that is. Make sure they can make it through the last reps instead of giving up. If you cut your workouts short, you won’t get the desired benefits and it could all be in vain.

Here’s another important tip. Choose someone bubbly. A person who’s silent all the time equals no presence. Have you thought about that? Sure, being respectful and composed is excellent, but you need someone who is energetic and who talks to you. This will get you feeling motivated.

Does a partner need to share the same goals?

Actually, it doesn’t matter what their training goal is. They could be cutting while you are bulking. Anyway, in most circumstances you will probably be doing the same exercises. You may choose to alternate and switch with what the other is doing for a week, then back.

The right gym partner has to push you, not help you skip reps and waste time. Even better, they should be able to assist you when needed. Besides, all the mental benefits will transform into physical ones, so there’s no good reason for training alone. Soon you’d feel the bitter taste of loneliness and it will drag your motivation to the ground.

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