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How Taking A Pinch Of Sea Salt Could Help Your Post-Gym Recovery?


The post workout phase of exercise is just as important as the phases that precede it. When your muscles are completely worked out, they need to be cared for to ensure that they are back to top function in a short time. For a fitness enthusiast or a bodybuilder who works out every day, this recovery needs even more attention. There are many methods and tips that abound online on what to do post-workout and a handful of them are actually quite helpful. But here is one that is surprisingly simple- take a pinch of sea salt.

Electrolyte loss

During any engaging physical activity, sweat is readily produced. It is meant to help the body cool down. Sweat contains a lot of salt, or sodium chloride. As it evaporates from your skin, it leaves behind a cooling effect, which helps you feel comfortable. Because water and salt is lost during exercise, the need to urinate is somewhat suppressed, regardless of any fluid intake intra-workout.

While taking water during and after exercise will offset any fluid losses, it does not help with the imbalance of electrolyte that occurs after. This lost salt needs to be replaced. It should be the first thing to be addressed even before your post-workout meal.

Sea Salt

Sea salt might contain a few essential minerals, but it is for the sodium chloride that you must take it. Replacing these lost electrolytes will improve your muscular contraction when it feels like your muscles have been completely worked out. The salt will also help increase your blood pressure which means blood is circulating much faster to your muscles.

Buy sea salt.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of taking a pinch of sea salt post-gym is that it forestalls muscle cramping. Muscles cramping is not uncommon after working out, especially with muscles of the lower body. It can be slightly annoying to downright painful and incapacitating. The most common cause of cramping is electrolyte loss. So it follows that if you replenish the lost electrolytes, the cramps will stop.

You don’t have to take sea salt as is. That is certainly an unpleasant experience. It is best paired with a glass of water, or your workout shake of choice. It will help restore your electrolyte balance, and help you retain more water in the body. Sports drinks do more harm than good, despite their apparent promise of helping with the same. Coconut water has been revered as a natural and wholesome substitute. But the road of least effort remains that of sprinkling some sea salt into a glass of water and taking it. The benefits of this are immediate. The salt is absorbed quickly in the large intestines and delivered to your muscle cells for full effect.

As unconventionally sounding as it is, a pinch of sea salt could just be what you need to take your post-workout recovery up a gear. Consider taking it before your workout too in anticipation of the electrolyte loss, or to simply hold more water in your body.

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