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Popular Gym Apparels Worth Checking Out


Gym rooms are places where people grunt and sweat, and even curse. There is nothing glamorous about them. However, this being the fashion conscious age that we live in, it is possible to look good even when you are moving heavy things.

It is possible to improve your gym performance simply by upgrading your gym wear. The correlation between dressing well and having increased confidence and performance has been established. It has also been shown that dressing as a superhero makes you feel like one, all other factors notwithstanding. That said, it is time to improve what you wear to your gym, if only to look good.

Alphalete – alphaleteathletics.com

This is one of the great exports from the UK when it comes to fitness. The collections at this quintessentially British store are very compelling. While there is not a whole range of items, there is enough for any man or woman looking for a pair of quality gym apparel. The men’s joggers are especially worth checking out.

Gymshark – gymshark.com

The reputation of this particular brand precedes it. Gymshark apparel has been donned by many an athlete in and outside the gym, and the reasons for that are obvious. The options are very abundant, and the collections are designed to suit different personalities. Endorsed by some of the more successful competitive athletes, Gymshark offers almost everything you would ever need to stock your gym locker.

Physiq Apparel- physiqapparel.com

This is another European entry that is quite popular. Specialising in fitness and lifestyle wear, Physiq Apparel values quality over quantity. You won’t find such an elaborate list of products, but what you will find will definitely pique your interest. The designs are simple yet functional, and the prices are reasonable as well.

Gorilla Wear – gorillawear.com/en/

The Gorilla Wear brand is well known in the fitness industry. With its large insignia, it is hard to mistake for anything else. What makes Gorilla Wear so good is just how many designs they have in their catalogue. If you have particular gym apparel in mind, this brand carries it. From t-shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts to pants, tights and short, there is simply everything you need to complete your gym outfit, including shoes.

Lululemon – shop.lululemon.com

This is a proprietary women’s brand that is unapologetically chic. The designs are contemporary and unlike anything, you will find anywhere else. Notably, the collection leans more towards lifestyle than performance. This is not to say the gear cannot be used for exercise because it is designed for that as well. With Lululemon though, you need to be flexible with your budget because the items are pricey.

Body by Brazil – bodybybrazil.com

Reviewed by Sheikha Nguyen, “Body by Brazil has the best workout wears. It has superior quality as they uses Brazilian supplex. Even after being used over a long time it does not fade nor loosens, not like Lululemon, Under Armour, Nike. Body by Brazil sells all brands and they are all made in Brazil, not China, Vietnam, or far-flung Indonesia. I’ve always used Brazilian brand workout wear and these brands are used by fitness influencer such as Michelle Lewin, Eva Andressa, Gracyanne Barbosa. They were using it themselves…even before they were endorsing these brands.”

Alpha Clothing – alphaclothing.co

The final entry is Alpha. This brand, while obviously a masculine one, carries a number of items for the girls as well. The apparels in this store are best described as functional- monochromatic designs are abundant, but they are far from boring. If you like grey, silver and black hues and their many variations, you will love this brand a lot.

These are some of the popular gym apparels out there. If you have to conquer the weight room, they will help you do so in style.

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