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Predictions for 2018 Mr. Olympia


Mr. Olympia is one of the biggest events for professional bodybuilders and the one that is eagerly followed by bodybuilding fanatics. Fans love to see their favorite idols competing as they display their perfectly sculpted triceps, biceps, broad shoulders and Christmas tree backs. It is definitely an exciting event that gives enthusiasts a lot to look forward to, especially speculating which bodybuilder will leave the others behind to win the coveted title. And why should this year be any different as we try to predict who shall bag the title this year?

Predictions for Mr. Olympia 2018

Phil Heath

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This reigning champion and seven-time winner of the title seems poised to win the title for the eighth time this year. If he wins the title this year too, he will join the legends Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman to hold the title for 8 times in a row. Although many are of the opinion that several times there were many others who deserved the title rather than him but he won the title nevertheless and looks to break records as and if he wins any further titles.

Big Ramy

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Being in great shape, Mamdouh Mohamed Hassan Elssbiay or better known as Big Ramy has a really good chance at dethroning the reigning champion to win the title this year.

Roelly Winklaar

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This Dutch Caribbean bodybuilder whose actual name is Egberton Rulove Etienne Winklaar has always been a name to reckon with in the first ten. And if not the first place, he definitely stands a chance to be within the first three spots.

William Bonac

Often referred to as the “African Rhino”, Bonac is a true example of working hard towards one’s goal and the determination to make it big is clearly visible in his eyes. He stood fifth in the 2016 Mr. Olympia and made it to the third position next year and he can definitely make some progress this year too.

Dexter Jackson

This veteran definitely will not take ‘no’ for an answer and has consistently been vying for the title for the longest time. He always makes it to the top rank among the biggest builders and might manage to get a ranking in the top 5 this year too.

Fans will have a role to play too, this year

For the first time ever, fans will have a key role to play in selecting this year’s Mr Olympia, thanks to the new rule which allows them to vote for one of the winners. This voting will be the first time something like this takes place at an event as big as the IFBB Professional League.

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