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Predictions for Olympia 2015


This year’s Mr Olympia can be one very surprising competition. It could be because of last year’s remarks made by Arnold Schwarzenegger or due to the many big names of the sport crammed on the competition’s stage. Also, there’s enough tension created by the last year’s drama due to the close results and the supportive fans of the involved contestants.

Phil Heath- one of the major contenders

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Phil Heath, the current holder of the title and multiple Mr Olympia, has been unbeatable for the recent years. These days, it looks like nothing has diminished in his strength and figure. Therefore, he is one of the main contenders this year, too. Only a few have spoken about him getting out of shape but what we see shows nothing of that kind.

Kai Greene – is in the race

Kai Greene was very close to Phil, though. He seems to be giving him a run for his prize this time too. He was almost crowned as last year’s winner. This year, he worked on muscles that are usually not so well developed like the rest: the shoulders and delts especially. There is always a huge advantage when you focus on these too, not to mention that his back has been looking incredibly cut. He only needed to work more on his forearms and bits of his legs. Still, there is intense talk on how he should not get the title.

Dennis Wolf – is one of the favorities

Whereas for Dennis Wolf, he won the Arnold Classic and that makes him one of the favorites. He appears to be in his best shape ever and the real definition is yet to come. Shawn Roden came in third last year and that is pretty amazing, considering how there was no real gap between the first two.

It seems that, after all, the best bets are the following: Phil Health, Big Ramy, Shawn Roden, Kai Greene and Dennis Wolf. Let’s not forget Big Ramy and Dexter Jackson, who may have a chance at the 2015 trophy as well. On top of everything, many voices tell that the reputation of these athletes will also matter in the competition. After all, Mr Olympia is also about creating a positive image for bodybuilding worldwide. Here, we have certain cases that spell a rather bad name and this could easily rob them of the trophy. It takes some style and integrity too to be worthy of a Mr Olympia title.

There is more to the upcoming competition, though. Some of the old starts are said to be in regression, which can be irreversible. We may expect some trend changes as well, it seems.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comments and Olympia 2015

During the last Olympia competition, Arnold Schwarzenegger made some comments that have the potential to shape the future of such contests and of bodybuilding. He mentioned how he considers that the small bodybuilding waist should make a comeback. Bodybuilders nowadays, especially the top ones, are all about freaky mass and size. This results in a distended stomach too, in order to achieve such mass. This can have a serious impact on the upcoming Olympia competition to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Olympia weekend is set for 17-20 September at Las Vegas, the official website at http://mrolympia.com/2015.

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