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Predictions for Olympia 2016


The quest for Mr. Olympia is on again, and the elite amongst us have been slaving at the gym. It’s a delicate art, putting on mass and then cutting to get that shredded look, but some have perfected it. The spotlight will only shine on a few though, and at this point, it is hard to say who the favorite is. With the bodybuilders putting on so much effort to perfect their physiques and improve on their weaknesses, the stage seems set for one epic battle. Here are some of the contenders who are likely to steal the spotlight.

Phil Heath


He appears first because he has dominated the title in recent memory. Despite his public showdowns with Kai, Phil has always emerged the better man. His chances are even more solid now that Kai is set to miss the stage this year. His deltoids and traps are otherworldly and his physique is very well balanced. He has a chance of retaining the title, something that is seconded by every other person who keeps tabs on the Olympia. Phil hardly disappoints his fans, and if he can improve on his abs then he is sure to retain the title.

Kevin Levrone

This bodybuilding icon from the nineties is set to grace the stage once more. Talks of him returning to the stage have been rampant and now he seems set on his promise. He has put up incredible size, and if recent showings are anything to go by then his appearance is guaranteed to shake things up a bit.

Big Ramy

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It’s hard to talk of the competition without mentioning Big Ramy. Some have remarked that he is the future of Olympia, given how he seems to improve every year. His size is remarkable, and at only 30, he seems to have time on his side. He has what it takes to upset the current champs, and the fact that he can outweigh his competitors while still maintaining good definition will make him one to watch. His success is guaranteed if he can add details to his muscles, instead of just mass.

Dexter Jackson

The blade just keeps on cutting. Already well in his 40s, time seems to have little effect on Dexter Jackson who seems to keep on improving. He might not strike gold, but he is sure to pick one of the top spots in the competition this year. With the absence of Kai, he is thought as the favorite to really challenge Phil’s place.

Honorable mentions include Cedric, Shawn and Justin Compton.

The Olympia has been growing in popularity, and in the size of the winnings. Things are bound to get more interesting because a number of greats are set to retire after this year’s show, paving way for the newcomers ambitious enough to challenge for the title.

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