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Products Marketed As “Sugar-Free”, Should Bodybuilders Avoid These?


We keep on hearing of the evils of sugar and, to be fair, these are pretty scary. Sugar not only fattens up, but can lead to glycemic fluctuations and a host of other health problems. It feeds candida infections and helps cancer cells thrive, too. Would it then be better to replace it with other sweeteners?

What should you know about these products?

The artificial range of sweeteners boasts with a series of important benefits, starting with a very important one: low calorie count. Sugar is a carbohydrate and has plenty of calories. These alternatives pack about half of these, usually. Thus, one can easily prefer foods with such artificial sweeteners, since they won’t get fat. However, it is important to remember that you are still ingesting carbs. Because these sweeteners may not be as strong as sugar or have its exact taste (though many are highly similar), you may be tempted to eat a lot more. You may not realize that you’re consuming more of those sugar-free foods.

Another issue is the accumulation of artificial compounds inside the body. Even with a single high dose, the body can start feeling bad. The most common side effects are gastro-intestinal disturbances, abdominal pain, gas, flatulence and diarrhea. It may be hard or impossible to stay on a diet like this. Bodybuilders need to be in top shape and thus cannot afford to go through this.

At the same time, bodybuilders should avoid ingesting too many carbs, especially during specific stages of their training. As explained before, there is the risk of overdosing and of eating too many artificially sweetened foods. The extra carbs will be retained as fat. In addition, certain sweeteners can be downright harmful – like aspartame is. Whether you are lifting or not, you should be aware of the dangers and never consider that a diet that’s eliminated sugar is a healthy one.

What can you include in your daily diet?

It matters what you replace the sugar with, if you’ve decided to ditch it. There are natural sweeteners, too. These may tend to be milder at times, but at least you can safely add some more. Consider stevia for example. This will not get you fat and you will not experience those side effects. In certain cases, the taste may be slightly different, but it’s not impossible to get used to it and start enjoying it.

What is untrue about artificial sweeteners is that these cause more hunger. Studies prove this false. These substances do not make one eat more by triggering hunger sensations. Bodybuilders should pay attention to what their supplements contain, especially their protein shakes. Artificial compounds are so common in these. Besides all that, cutting sugar can be detrimental to one’s energy levels. Athletes may feel drained out if they suddenly no longer get that extra energy coming from sugar in their diets. Most artificial sweeteners just can’t be absorbed or processed and therefore don’t provide the body with any nourishment or energy. To compensate and enjoy the safe option, try to get your sugars from fresh fruit mostly.

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