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How To Promote Your iHerb Affiliate Program Effectively


The iHerb web store is one of the biggest, most popular ones on the Internet and is focused on herbs and supplements. The iHerb Affiliate Program can provide a fairly nice passive income. To make it work, you only need to refer several people, as some say. Even, if you have under 10, the results can surprise you.

Joining iHerb Affiliate Program

Signing up and understanding what it’s about isn’t so difficult. The challenge is finding ways to promote this program effectively, so that you don’t end up wasting your time and getting nothing in return but frustration. This is why you must read the tips below.

There is no limit with iHerbs – you can simply go out there and promote it wherever, since you can gather customers from all over the world. It’s an international store. All the web is yours: promote this in discussion forums, on social media, in bulletin boards and don’t forget to post about the store and the program on your own blog or site, as well as in your email signature.

It’s easy to promote this if you focus on the rewards and the current discounts. These are quick to get people’s attention. Post any new discount or offer; iHerb has plenty of these, all the time. You never know who may be interested in what. To stay well informed, keep an eye on the emails you get from the store.

Making more money with iHerb

Getting more exposure for yourself first will work in your favor when it comes to getting money from iHerb. For example, you need to expand your social circles on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and so on. Here, you may start posting content that is catchy and also relevant to the offers that you’re going to promote (think of beauty and health articles, herb related topics, recipes, natural treatments and so on). It’s important to get this seen by as many people as possible.

At the same time, your followers and your posts should be in tune with the iHerb profile. Stay focused on the subjects we’ve just mentioned. It makes no sense to be posting on other topics – Sci-Fi movies for example, but strive to promote a supplements store. It won’t work this way because your viewers may simply not be interested in that.

Try the products yourself and see what feedback you can come up with. It’s most relevant when you can actually say a word about it yourself. You will gain people’s trust and perhaps make them interested in the products. Your readers can be much more interested in something you’ve actually experienced than in a simple and tasteless ad. Do your best to show your enthusiasm for the brand.

When you sign up for this program there is no financial obligation on your side. You must be an iHerb customer because you liked this, along with other benefits. What exactly are those? Insist on talking about each feature that you like – and why you like it.

Interested to join iHerb Affiliate Program. You can do so here.

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