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3 rehab exercises for a strained rotator cuff


The rotary or rotator cuff is like a sleeve that allows the shoulder to spin. This is made of four muscles that ensure stability. With intense exercise, falling or with age, this can take damage and make you feel bad, as well as unable to carry out your training routine. However, your shoulder injury can be fixed through exercise.

A rotary cuff can be easily strained, torn or sprained if you don’t do your exercises correctly. If the damage isn’t so severe to require surgery, you can learn some exercises to help you rehabilitate this so important area.

1. External rotations on one side

Lie on the floor on one side – the opposite of the troubled shoulder. Bend the free elbow to 90 degrees and bring the forearm across your belly. Have a dumbbell in your hand (choose a lighter one) and bring your hand to the abdomen, then up towards the ceiling. Do not hurry this exercise. Three sets of ten moves should be enough for the start. Do this about three times daily until it feels better.

2. Reverse flies

Keep your feet apart to shoulder width and bend your knees a little. Your upper body should slightly lean forward. Use light weights in each hand and keep your arms straight as you move them up and down together. Don’t keep the elbows locked. Be careful not to push your shoulders too high.

3. Door stretches

This one is easy to do and does not require any particular equipment. It is excellent when you need to warm up your shoulder and arm musculature. Place yourself in an open doorway and bring your arms to the side, gripping each side of the door frame. Don’t bring your arms too high, simply keep them below your shoulders to make this comfortable. With your back straight, lean forward and backward. Control how your weight shifts from your toes/feet.

You will have to commit to this routine (and more exercises of this kind), in order to see improvement. This is a condition that may take some time to heal.

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