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Rest In Peace Greg Plitt


Fitness phenomenon Greg Plitt just passed away. Killed in a tragic train accident on January 17, 2015, at the age of only 37, he left the whole worldwide fitness community in denial. The star was filming on the train tracks in Burbank when he was mortally struck.

Through this article we mean to pay homage to the man who paved the way for the fitness model niche in the supplement and fitness industry.

Greg Plitt – A Short Bio

Greg Plitt was born in 1977, and graduated from the West Point Military Academy in 2000, after which he was a US Army Ranger for 5 years. He was an army captain and commanded 184 soldiers before he was completely seduced by the fitness world. He had numerous appearances on the screen as a reality TV star. His popularity started with Bravo’s Work Out and he also starred in the same network’s Friends to Lovers series. Greg believed in personal authority and a new vision, also putting an emphasis on self confidence.

Greg Pitt and His Glorious Presence

Greg had been successful in making a strong career. It would not be wrong to state that Gref Plitt died at the apogee of his career. He showed his glorious presence in areas he worked on. He was a cover model for more than 250 fitness magazines. He was a model for Calvin Klein and not only! Greg appeared in ads for various famous brands and companies like Thierry Mugler, PETA, and ESPN. His good looks and beautiful visage also helped him appear on the covers or romance novels.

Greg Plitt’s Friend Speaks About Reality Trainer’s Shocking Death

His Body of Work

He was guided by a true love for the fitness industry, as true as the friendship he offered to anyone he met along the way. His career was crowned by his appearances in Hollywood productions featuring Robert DeNiro and Matt Damon (The Good Shepherd), also making an appearance in Terminator 4, with Christian Bale. An overly enthusiastic and inspiring man, he was well known for his work as TV fitness instructor, well portrayed in dozens of fitness videos. Greg also reached the workout guru status. People would come to him for advice and inspiration, eager to find out the methods that helped him achieve his perfectly balanced, harmonious musculature.

Latest Achievements

Men’s Fitness named him one of America’s 25 Fittest Americans and he was also considered as one of the sexiest men alive by other publications. Greg Plitt’s latest appearance was scheduled to happen this January, in Bravo’s Friends to Lovers recently filmed episode. It appears that he was filming an ad for a protein shake at the moment of his death. Recent official announcements informed that there was no authorization for filming on those train tracks that day. However, Bravo said that the tragic event is not going to affect the scheduled screening of the mentioned episode.

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Greg Plitt had many celebrity admirers around the world. The level of esteem could be seen through the many tweets and other social media messages speaking of the heartbreak and regret his passing had caused.

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