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Rich Gaspari – The Dragon Slayer


Classic bodybuilder Rich Gaspari is definitely deemed to have a true champion’s physique. It can be said that he started a new era in bodybuilding, especially due to the incredible striations he exhibited.

Also, what appeared as a very unfortunate genetic potential turned to be no hindrance to becoming a phenomenon. Apart from that, his veins are so visible and thick that they were metaphorically called garden hoses. In addition, the striations of his muscles are a thing of legend. Pushing these details further than his competitors, Gaspari had a prolific career and a rich legacy.


1984 Mr.universe lightheavyweight class final

Rich Gaspari started as early as 15. His weight was only 110 pound, reaching 170 at 16. He followed the routine of consecrated bodybuilders of the time, especially Arnold’s. A leading professional bodybuilder in the 1980s, he introduced the “striated glutes” concept to this sport. When he started, he was what everyone would call a skinny hard gainer. His growth was a shock and proved what was deemed impossible. It only took him 4 years to become a competition winner. Thus, when Gaspari was 19, he won his first national bodybuilding title, when weighing 189 pounds. Of course, everyone who knows Gaspari as an adult imagines that he must have gone for an IFBB Mr Universe title, which of course he did. In fact, he won the title when he was only 21 years old, meaning the youngest Mr Universe ever.


Gaspari’s original family (American but of Italian ethnicity) was the source of his motivation to succeed. As stated in his interviews, it was his father who taught him to do his best, no matter what he is about. Those words have stayed with him and fueled his drive all throughout. Away from the limelight, Rich built his own family as he got married. Not long ago he divorced though and is currently dating someone else.

Competition Career

In 1985, he wins the Night of the Champions, being 20 pounds heavier than when he secured his Mr Universe title, with that happening within 6 months only. Between 1986 and 1988, Gaspari has his Mr Olympia debut, manages to come out 3rd, then climbs to second spot three times, behind multiple winner Lee Haney. During this period, Gaspari also grabs the Pro World (1986) and the Grand Prix Champion (1987) titles. In 1989, he wins the first Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic. All the great bodybuilders of that time eventually lost in front of Rich Gaspari; only Lee Haney was an exception.

Gaspari legendary routine

Gaspari’s secrets were: very hard, intense workouts (started with 6 days per week but dropped to 4), combined with smart nutrition. Fellows say that, besides these, he was also keeping himself highly motivated at all times. In 2011, he gets the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame award. Other notable successes were: 1st in NPC Nationals Light-Heavyweight (1984), 1st in World IFBB Amateur Championships Light-Heavyweight (1984), 2nd in IFBB Night of Champions (1985), 3rd in IFBB Mr. Olympia (1985), 1st in IFBB Los Angeles Pro Championships (1986), 2nd in Olympia (1986), 1st in IFBB World Pro Championships (1986), 1st in IFBB Arnold Classic (1989) and many more.


Richard Steven Gaspari or The Dragon Slayer was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA in May, 16th 1963 and can be found at his official website – RichGaspari.com.

His height stands at 5’8 (172 cm) and his off-season weight was measured at 245 lbs., with the competition weight being of 225 lbs.

He earned his pro card in 1984. In 1998, Gaspari started his own nutrition company – Gaspari Nutrition.

His current net value stands at about $90 million – greater than the average for professional bodybuilders.

Current Endeavors

Rich Gaspari is currently in his mid-fifties and is retired. However, this should not make you think that he has somehow become a shadow of his former self – that is far from the truth. The former champion is not only very active but also in a terrific shape. He is now leading Gaspari Nutrition, his own supplement brand that has achieved international recognition. It is truly a reliable one, considering that Rich himself is on the look for the top nutritive formulas and is consuming these himself, even if he is no longer competing. Therefore, what is good for him is surely great for anyone trying to give their physical shape a solid boost.

A video compilation of the best moments in Rich Gaspari’s bodybuilding career

Gaspari was frequently featured in bodybuilding magazines, especially on their covers. However, he took a 23-year break until 2011, when he finally returned posing on a cover. In 2014, he published his book, 51 Days No Excuses.

The star proved that one can be an extremely successful bodybuilder against all odds – even when dealing with poor genetics, and younger generations are looking up to him for this matter.

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