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Is It Safe To Drink Liquid Egg White


A quick search about liquid egg whites will reveal to you that they’re quite important in a bodybuilder’s diet. You will also stop wondering why just the whites and not the whole egg. There are plenty of resources explaining how the whites are loaded with protein (which helps you build lean muscle) but don’t have the carbs. Therefore, these are excellent for cutting – when you want to lose fat but preserve muscle.

Egg whites can be used when cooking. Make omelets and any other tasty dish that can have them, as well as cookies and cakes. You will be surprised by the fluffiness and taste. At the same time, you may use these in smoothies, protein drinks and cocktails. This is where people become concerned though. Should we use liquid raw eggs just as they are?

Availability of egg whites in supermarket

Locally it’s difficult to find liquid egg white on supermarket shelves. One comes to mind is Albu-Man liquid egg white which is sold online. These liquid egg whites are available in 1L, 5L and 10L large quantities, in plastic containers/bottles. These packages are created for bodybuilders or for anyone in need of protein supplementation. Read the labels and see if you can count on these. Normally, such product should be pasteurized. The egg whites are heated up enough to kill any bacteria but not enough to be cooked. This preserves them in their original state but makes them sterile, so nothing is going to happen to you if you eat white eggs like that.

Egg whites are safer options to consume protein

The double pasteurization process is considered to be the safest method. This ensures that you get a safe product to consume, even raw as it is. Thus, you should feel free to use it in smoothies and shakes. It gets you high-quality pure protein, which helps you with your fitness goals. Besides, it’s so easy to just get your protein from drinking.

What should you remember while planning to consume egg whites?

Try to limit your liquid egg white intake though, especially if you separate the yolks and whites yourself. When consumed in large quantities, it binds to the iron and biotin in your body, making these unavailable. The avidin in it renders certain B vitamins useless. Thus it can lead to deficiencies. When you cook the egg or you buy pasteurized whites from stores such as Albu-Man, the heat has suppressed the avidin, so it’s safer to eat.

The digestion factor may also matter. When eggs are fried or hard boiled, they are hard to digest and stay in the stomach for up to 3 hours. However, the softer versions, the raw whites especially, take a lot less time and energy to digest. This has a very positive impact on certain people.

Also if we are to consider the price, it’s a good deal. Note that in one cup or 8 oz of liquid egg whites you will have about 24 g of protein. Moreover, this kind of food will not upset your stomach when pasteurised. If you can tolerate protein shakes, then this should be no issue at all.

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