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How to Safely Cut Water Weight Before a Bodybuilding Competition


By cutting, bodybuilders are melting away the accumulated fat, so that the muscle underneath shows clearly, for that desired shredded look. To accomplish this, one also needs to eliminate as much tissue water as possible. Unfortunately, many athletes simply do anything they can to get rid of water before a competition – and by anything we also mean the harmful methods. Some use diuretics in excess, for example.

Flush out water to show your muscles

Water retention can keep hidden some really well-defined muscles. It is usually the case of the abs.

The fat percentage matters, too. When it’s low, you may rely on flushing out the water to show the muscles. If it’s too much, the effort would be tremendous and harmful. When you are lean enough already, a week is enough to get in a prime condition for competition or photo shooting.

Besides the water intake, you will also have to pay attention to the carbs you eat. This is because the matter revolves around both water and fat. At the same time, you will have to keep your muscles intact, so you can look nicely cut without losing volume.

About water weight

Unlike fat, water weight can fluctuate much easily, sometimes from one day to another. This can make you look so differently. Competitive bodybuilders start by increasing the protein intake and eliminating carbs. Aim for no more than 60 g of carbs per day. As for the water, you don’t have to cut it day by day. Use a lot of it to flush out, then right at the end of the period you can suddenly stop it. They also deplete themselves of glycogen. When this happens, the body uses all the given carbs and the muscles get pumped up. Glycogen also holds water. This is the summary of it all, one of the methods preferred by pros: low carb diet and loads of water until close to the end of the period.

Have your peak date in sight. On days 7, 6 and 5 before this date, focus on eating much protein and some vegetables. You may have your carbs only after training. For now, keep these at 30 grams at most. It’s allowed and actually recommended to eat carbs that digest easily. When you get to days 4 and 3, get rid of those carbs too. This will deplete glycogen from the body. To get the needed energy, you should supplement with creatine. To prevent bloating, do not take creatine monohydrate, but hydrochloride. This doesn’t have the same effect.

During this final week, you will have to cut the sodium as well. This will free the water caught underneath your skin. Of course, you will have to pay maximum attention to the labels of all the foods you consume during this time.

Stripping down the water to look vascular also relies on a counter-intuitive measure. Drink loads of water – about 2 gallons per day – one week before the event. Only limit your intake 2 days prior to the big date. For the last day, drink no more than 20 ounces.

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  1. “They also deplete themselves of glycogen. When this happens, the body uses all the given carbs and the muscles get pumped up”.

    Think you should clarify more in detail on your article. “When this happens”

    When muscle deplete themselves of glycogen for a longer period, it creates a hunger state of carb loading towards the muscle (rather than water retention under the skin). When you refeed after a prolonged low carb diet, you will have the most pumped effect to your muscle. This refeed day has less impact on the water retention under the skin.


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