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Salmon vs. Tuna – Which is Best for Muscle Building


Both salmon and tuna are great protein sources for heavy lifters, but are there any major differences between the two? Could these differences fuel or hamper your bodybuilding efforts?

The first thing one can notice is the price tag. Tuna is definitely cheaper than salmon. Nutrition wise, there are some important aspects. The number of calories they provide is almost equal and the protein quantities are also close. A salmon serving packs 28 protein grams per 100 grams of meat, while tuna scores better, with 33 grams. The latter is even comparable with beef, as they have almost identical calorie counts.

If you want more protein and less fat, you may opt for “light tuna”. The ratio is at 22 to 1. It is also cheap enough. Anyhow, when buying tuna, you may also want to check whether it’s in water or oil. Worried about sodium? Both options are naturally low in sodium but be careful, producers may add salt for taste and preservation. This isn’t always the case, though. As for cholesterol, it will be useful in repairing muscle tissue. Which fish has more of it then? It’s the salmon.

Let’s talk about fat now. The fat content differs with the two. We have the tuna fish with 4 grams, whereas salmon provides more – 9 grams. This shouldn’t frighten you, since it’s the good kind of fat. Many dietitians claim that salmon is the better choice, since it contains fats thoroughly recommended for a healthy heart (the famous Omega 3 fatty acids), as well as calcium and Vitamin D. Tuna isn’t a bad choice though – it’s got selenium, plus the B6 and B12 vitamins. In any case, it’s the fat itself that matters the most here. Omega 3 is essential to overall health and there’s actually more to it: it is known to help during cutting, although it seems counter-intuitive. Plus, it leads to an increase in testosterone levels, thus influencing the quality of your workouts.

Healthy as they may seem, there’s a common issue with both tuna and salmon. These may contain mercury (tuna tends to have more) and other noxious elements if they come from polluted waters. Therefore, check the producer and the geographical area.


Tuna may be the champion at protein, which is great for you, but salmon has nutritional supremacy. Not only that it helps you pack more muscle, but it also boosts your recovery. It provides sufficient calories, much protein and good fats. This is ideal for building muscle and keeping it. Note that salmon has more calories due to its fat content, too.

However, you may always alternate the two to enjoy all the benefits, along with different taste. Tuna and salmon represent two of the best choices meat eating bodybuilders can make. In addition, should you want more fat in your diet, remember to include fish in more meals. It will help you stay in peak condition. Besides, it doesn’t have all the negative effects of regular meat.

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