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Is It Advisable To Do The Same Workout The Next Day


You tailored a workout for yourself that seems to train your muscles well and you’re comfortable with doing it every day. It actually sounds like a good idea to you to just insist on the same routine, but is it really recommended? After all, you keep on hearing about “chest day”, “legs day” and so on.

Overtraining and recovery

Training the same muscle groups every day can lead to overtraining and loss of motivation. When this happens, you’re not giving them the chance at proper recovery. This is the reason why we work the abs one day and then we let them rest, going for the muscle groups in our legs, for example. Don’t destroy your muscle fibers by not leaving them enough time to repair. The amino acids in protein need time to reach the tissue and strengthen these fibers. This building stage no longer has the chance to be completed. You risk causing injury. The whole process can take up to 72 hours.

The smart way to exercise

Don’t do the same exercises in the weight room day by day. As mentioned, it can really lower your motivation, too. Hit particular muscle groups and change. You won’t be wasting any time this way and you won’t be risking injury. Give the major muscle groups a rest after each intense training. Creating a routine means choosing varied exercises and a different plan for each gym day. Then, you will be repeating this varied routine accordingly. Also, if you keep on doing the same exercises, the body gets accustomed to these. No changes means no challenges and it’s the sure way to reach a plateau. Changing your routine will also prevent boredom – you can get really bored if you’re doing the same thing every day. Besides, attempting to train all your muscles within the same day is counter-productive. You may not have the time, or the energy actually, to work all of them hard enough in order to have gains.

This is not to say that you should never have full body workouts. These are usually good for beginners. Once you advance, you will need to pay more attention to each muscle group and dedicate more time and energy to the different parts of your body. You will thus need to focus more on split workouts. Give each part at least 48 hours to rest and recover.

To increase gains, you will simply have to increase the intensity of your exercises – for example by adding more weight progressively. In addition, you can replace old exercises with different ones that train the same bodily part. Changing your routine and keeping the exercises varied will always give you better results and help you get past plateaus.

In the end, everyone is different and you will need to see what works best for you. Some individuals need to train the same muscle group several times a week at high intensity in order to get results. These are also the ones who tend to recover real quick.

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