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Sample Bodybuilding Diet for Intermediate Lifters


This is a continuation of sample diet for beginner lifters.

No longer a beginner! What a feeling to finally realize this, to look in the mirror and see those well-shaped muscles, the volume you could once only dream of. It gives you plenty of new motivation to keep going to the gym and lift those weights. As you go for heavier ones, the thought hits you: “Is my diet good enough? Am I doing what I’m supposed to?”

That’s right, you should be taking good care of your diet, too. Now that you have more muscular mass and less fat, your body works in a different way. Muscle calls for specific nutrition and you must make sure to provide not just enough for new gains, but also enough for repairing the tissue stressed during workouts.

Setting up a meal schedule

First of all, you must have a meal schedule by now and be used to it. From now on, start focusing more on what you eat before and after a workout. Also, it’s a good idea to use protein supplement, preferably from a good and reliable source, such as whey (whey protein isolate would be best). Amino acids supplements (BCAAs) are also an important addition.

The food in general stays the same, only that the macronutrient needs change. You will need more protein and more fat. Also, the carb intake will increase, but the tricky part here is that you have yet to see how your body reacts to this. Some people store fat easily, others have a quick metabolism and burn it away.

Here is the promised sample meal plan for intermediate weight lifters:

Meal 1

Version 1
5 whole eggs
4 eggs whites (or anything that can replace these)
1 cup oatmeal

Version 2
30 to 50 grams of whey powder (made into protein shake)
2 tbsp nut butters (such as peanut or almond butter)
1 cup oatmeal

Meal 2

Version 1
6 to 7 oz lean beef or similar
One salad/green vegetables

Version 2
30 to 50 g whey powder (made as a protein shake)
2 tbsp nut butters

Meal 3

8 oz turkey, chicken breast or fish
1 cup rice/ 2 sweet potatoes
2 oz nuts
Green vegetables

Meal 4
Should be like Meal 1

Meal 5
Should be like Meal 3

Meal 6
10 egg whites/ another protein shake
2 whole eggs/ 2 tbsp peanut butter

Besides these meals, you should also consider adding a post-workout shake. It will replenish your amino acids and all the nutrition needed at muscular cell level, to rebuild the structure. Now that your body is able to take on more vigorous exercise and you’re pushing it harder than before, you must pay attention to what fuel you provide it with right before and after gym.

There is no carb count for this meal plan because what is included is enough to ensure your energy for training. Also, the amount of fat you’re getting is considered as good fuel, too. Besides, this is a diet that is focused on the quality of macronutrients and not necessarily their quantity. As you can see, most foods are ‘clean’ and have little to no additives.

Get the most part of your calories from protein rich foods (vegetable or animal sources). Protein should be 50% of your diet, while carbs go up to 30% and fats 20%.

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