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Say Bye to Belly Fat With These Exercises


You had enough of that extra fat on the belly but also of those crunches you’ve been doing! There’s more than this that can blast away that stubborn adipose tissue. You see, this is an area that requires special treatment. What works for the rest of your body may not work for the abdomen. It is because of hormones, which can at some point determine fat to be stored in that area.

When this happens, you must take your training to a different level. As with training the other bodily parts, diversity is key. You will learn how to melt belly fat with a whole different range of exercises.

1. Aerobic exercises

You can lose belly fat if you run, swim, cycle, jog and even walk. Do aerobics at least a few times a week. This is proven to work. Do your daily cardio and, the more intense it gets, the better results you will see.

2. Core exercises for stabilization

For a flat stomach, you need to train your entire core area. This involves the central and side muscles as well as the ones of the back. Such exercises strengthen even those harder to reach muscles on the inside of the abdomen.

The two best exercises to start doing right now are:

  • Planking (stabilizes not only the spine, but also the whole pelvic region)
  • Side planking (more difficult to do because you only get two point of contact and not four)

Besides improving your posture, these will define your abs when done regularly.

3. Push-up position walkouts

Simply position yourself as if you are about to do push-ups. Widen the distance between your arms and begin moving them. This means you have to place your arms further away, then back to their initial position. To make this harder, lift a leg and hold it up until the move is done.

4. Work your obliques

These muscles, the obliques, are both external and internal. Usual crunches don’t do anything for them. Twisting crunches are better. However, there’s more you can do, such as:

  • Dumbbell side bends
  • Dumbbell or kettlebell swings
  • Squat thrusts
  • Leg lifts

While you cannot go without exercising, you need to be aware of the other actions you must take in order to see real changes. Last but not least, clean up your diet! Cutting sugar is extremely important. You must even pay attention to what you drink daily, since anything may contain sugar in it. Some are afraid that fruits may do the same, but the fructose is actually managed better thanks to the fiber content of fruits. Also, the amount can never be the same as with sugar-sweetened foods and beverages. Protein supplementation also keeps belly fat away as long as you work out. These may not be the most obvious belly fat causes (like trans-fats are, for example), but are tremendously important. Also, make sure you’re avoiding the bad food combinations in your plate.

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