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Secret to Muscle Building – Wrist Wraps


There is an assortment of body accessories designed to help you further your muscle building goals. They do not all get the same amount of love though and some are downright vilified depending on whom you ask. Wrist wraps are among these. They are designed to offer more support to your wrists when executing different movements where the joint is recruited.

Types of wrist wraps

There are wraps of varying design, but the purpose they serve is shared. One type has a greater width, and goes around the wrist. It’s typically secured in place using velcro material, and a thumb loop. The other type features a longer strap that enfolds the bar. The latter are often referred to as lift straps as they mostly aid in lifting movements. The wraps can be made from different materials. The best are built with high-quality cotton, and be velcro-bound.


Wrist wraps are designed to reinforce your wrist. Certain kinds of exercises, such as pressing movements, can exert excess pressure on your wrist. The extensors can be pulled into excess extension, and this can hurt the joint. By securing the wrist, you are able to fatigue the target muscle long after your wrists have weakened. This ensures that you get a complete workout, which in the end, helps you grow your muscles further. The secret to putting on muscle is to increase your load. Wrist wraps help you effectively do that. Some might call it cheating, and it very well might be. But since it yields results, then it doesn’t matter if it is cheating or not.

How you wear the wrist wraps matters. If worn too low below the wrist, their purpose is diluted as they don’t actually wrap the wrist. For this reason, those that include a thumb loop are ideal. They prevent the wraps from sliding down your wrist when your wrist is flexed under a weight.

When to Use Wrist Wraps

Not every exercise calls for wrist wraps. They should be avoided when you are doing your warm-up sets. But as you move on to progressively heavier weights, you can wear them. If you are not sure whether to use them or not, there is a simple test you can perform. When doing reps, which part tires first- your wrist or your target muscle? The moment the answer becomes your wrist, you should definitely use them.

Are There Any Cons of Using Wrist Wraps?

They claim that wrist wraps weaken your grip and deny you some gains in strength in your fingers and forearms. This is only an outcome of overusing the wrist wraps. If you limit their use to only heavy weight movements, this risk is reduced. It is recommended that you set aside days for training your hands and forearms so that your grip might improve.

Wrist wraps, like lift straps, have their place in bodybuilding. Disregard the opinion of other lifters who vilify them, and try them on in your routine to see if they make a difference. Chances are they will help you build more muscle.

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