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How Shawn Rhoden beat Phil Heath for Mr. Olympia 2018 title


Not long ago, a 43-year-old Shawn Rhoden beat Phil Heath in the highly prestigious Mr Olympia, who was seven times winner (consecutively) of the Sandow trophy. As the two stood next to each other, as requested by the judges in Las Vegas, their poses revealed both their particular strengths and weaknesses.

Shawn Rhoden vs Phil Heath

The abs appeared as better in Rhoden’s poses, as well as the legs. Also, his gut was not as distended as Heath’s, which prevented him from losing points at the mandatory poses. For some time already, it’s been known that the judges are standing against the distended stomach phenomenon and awarding the flat types. Heath was indeed showing superior results concerning his back and shoulders, but that was not enough to secure the prize.

The winning pose of Shawn Rhoden

Shawn Rhoden showed great muscle conditioning, flawless symmetry and completeness of shape, much more so than the favourite. The winning pose helped him display massive shoulders and legs. The victory stopped seven-time winner Phil Heath Heath from reaching Lee Haney’s level, who managed to secure a total of eight consecutive victories as Mr Olympia.

The Victory

The victory was unexpected, especially knowing that Rhoden was ill earlier this year, retired from the Arnold Classic and finally making his comeback. He suffered from a very bad flu, low haemoglobin and ulcers causing a lot of bleeding and pushing him into survival mode.

Not only Rhoden walked away with the Sandow statuette, but he also received an incredible amount of money as a prize. The $400 000 award was the highest ever given in the whole history of the competition. The new champion has been trying to grab the Mr Olympia title for eight long years but only succeeded to finish second in 2016.

Achievement of Shawn Rhoden

To shed some light on his achievement, Rhoden has confessed in an interview that you have to train and do everything like a Mr Olympia even before you become Mr Olympia.

This was not a one-time ambition. The bodybuilder says he will preserve his peak shape and continue to be a serious challenge to Phil Heath as to everyone else in the competition. For this year, Roelly Winklaar finished in third place, followed by William Bonac on fourth place. In addition, Winklaar got the People’s Choice Award, awarded for the first time during this year’s contest. It remains to be seen whether Rhoden can come up with an even better version of himself in 2019.

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