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Should I store my eggs in the fridge


It has been a long-standing debate regarding where to store eggs and whether or not to put them in the refrigerator for storage. Some believe that the yolk within the egg tends to break when put in a pan if the egg is refrigerated as compared to when it is not. Others also believe that the egg tray in the refrigerator is not the correct place to store the eggs since air tends to enter the eggs in that location, in the process of degenerating the eggs. Many also fear the risk of salmonella from eggs that are refrigerated because the yolk does not cook well when it is cold (or refrigerated). There are differing opinions regarding what is the right way to store eggs.

Let’s find out if it is safe to store eggs in the fridge and reasons too.

What is the best way to store eggs?

The solution to the question that has riddled many regarding the storage of eggs is actually quite ambivalent since the opinion differs according to the country, the freshness of the egg and its intended use.

The verdict, if termed so, is that eggs can be stored in the refrigerator easily and for as long as the ‘best before date’. The consultants of food safety recommend retaining eggs in the container that they are purchased in and not be removed to be kept in the egg tray or in a bowl. Also, they advise keeping eggs in the refrigerator shelf instead of the door where there is a designated place to store them. The theory is that while placing them in the door tray the eggs are constantly shaken and also take in the odour and flavour of all the other food articles. While in the store bought container their temperature is retained at a constant, they are not exposed to the smell of other foodstuff and also the best before date is mentioned on the box, reminding users of when they need to use the eggs before they turn bad.

A study conducted to examine quality of eggs kept in the refrigerator and those kept out revealed that there was no difference in either case. But since there is uncertainty regarding the date of the eggs or the origin (farm fresh or organic) it is best to store them in the refrigerator.

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