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Signs of Workout Burnout and How to Avoid It


Working out is great. It’s the most underutilized drug of our time; a holistic remedy that betters the human form in so many ways. If you’ve subscribed to the community of people who cannot do without exercise, you’re aware of its benefits, and the joys it brings. But like everything else, it’s detrimental when it is overdone. Addicting as it is, an exercise burnout is a possible outcome when you can’t figure out when you have had enough.

Signs of a Workout Burnout

Exhaustion, Loss of Energy and Decreased Performance

Exercise is supposed to be reenergizing, so if you feel the opposite of that, it’s a sign you are pushing too hard. It is okay to be a little fatigued after a workout, but it is not if the fatigue doesn’t eventually dissipate. If you are struggling with weights you previously lifted with ease, it’s a sign that your body isn’t recovering enough.

To overcome this, ensure you put in enough rest periods between workouts. One to two days is ideal. If it brings no difference, consider taking a few weeks off.

Loss of Motivation

A disinterest in exercise is another classic sign. When your will to go to the gym is weak, or when you keep procrastinating your gym time for the most trivial reasons, you need to change things up a little. If you’re used to weight lifting, try cardio for a while. Go on long nature trails, swim or engage in an entirely different activity than you’re used to. The change will be refreshing.


Irritability, confusion and anger are signs that your body needs a rest. It is a tell that your body has been pushed too far, and needs time to recuperate.

Difficulty with Sleep

It could either be you are not getting any sleep, or you are getting too much of it. When you push too hard, your body starts perceiving exercise as a stressor. This leads to production of stress hormones that make it harder to fall asleep. On the other hand, when you are sleeping too much, it’s a sign that your body is trying harder to repair itself. Take a break.

Weakened Immunity

Every tough workout should be succeeded by a sufficient rest period. But if you insist on exercising, your immunity will take a hit. Post-exercise inflammation which reduces with rest can become chronic, and this makes you more susceptible to illnesses.

Delayed Recovery

Persistent muscle soreness is a clear indication that your body is not repairing well enough. Soreness that exceeds a couple of days implies that you are simple overtraining.

A burnout is supposed to slow you down. It is the physiological response your body gives you to let you know that you need some time off. A few weeks will not make you lose your muscle tone, or gain too much weight. If anything, it will help you recover, and your gains might become more evident during this time. When you bounce back, you will be better off, with a seemingly infinite supply of motivation

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