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Check out these Singapore Fitness Celebrity Instagrammer


Fitness motivation is easy to come by when you know where to look. Successful fitness personalities provide a target that we can strive towards. They are emblematic of what is possible when we stay the path and remain dedicated. Singapore has its fair share of fitness celebrities, and here are some you should totally check out.

Melissa Sarah Wee

http://instagram.com/melissasarahwee Melissa

This petite Asian girl has a stage-worthy physique. Having escaped her torturous past, where she battled with bulimia and a loss of sense-worth, Melissa is an embodiment of what is possible if you find the strength to rediscover yourself. From her dramatic quads to her chiseled abs, you can immediately tell that this is somebody in love with fitness. Her Instagram is populated with full body shots. An Optimum Nutrition Athelete, it won’t be long before Melissa Sarah Wee is taking to the stage in the physique category.

Adrian Tan


A bodybuilder who has won the Mr. Singapore title two times over, Adrian Tan is a man who believes in fitness. An online coach and trainer, and a Team Nutrifirst athlete, Adrian has over the years, built a physique that is just the right balance between size and aesthetics. His Instagram is always active, but you will find more than shirtless shots. There are little snippets of wisdom shared, as well as food shots and other relatable pictures. He is a fitness personality worth following.

Zheng Geping


Zheng is an actor and artiste who is readily recognizable in all of Singapore. His claim to fame started with a Best Actor win in 2007, and since then, he has become an emblem of health and fitness. He is no stranger to the fit life, having trained in taekwondo and martial arts from an early age. He has a six pack that no other men his age can boast, and continues to live a life that is reflective of his love for fitness. His Instagram contains photos of his various adventures. His love for football is clearly evident.

Lai Wee Kiat


Lai Wee Kiat may not be native to Singapore, but his active involvement in the bodybuilding scene warrants his mention. With an active fitness life that traverses both Singapore and his home country of Malaysia, Lai Wee Kiat is an avid bodybuilder. Having won the Mr Kuala Lumpur title, Lai continues to pursue different bodybuilding ambitions. He has a diverse community in Singapore and gives motivation to his followers on Instagram. It’s easy to appreciate the physique that can deliver on stage with the cut lines and low bf. His Instagram delivers humor and fitness motivation in almost equal doses, as well as a peak into the kind of life he leads. You can also check out his popular bodybuilding blog at http://fabodylous.com

These are some of Singapore’s fitness celebrities. Their love for fitness is evidenced by the way they live, and their physiques show it. If you wish to transform yourself, these personalities provide just enough motivation to draw from. They show you that with enough time and dedication, you too can rise through the ranks and achieve a physique of greatness.

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