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Singapore Gym Recommendations


It is astonishing to see the number of people who resolve to take up a life of fitness. But it is equally surprising to find that most of these people never actually see this goal through. It is easy to assign blame to a weak frame of mind or lack of motivation, but that does not completely account for why. Sometimes, it is the kind of gym. A workman needs good tools, and in the same way, a fitness enthusiast needs a safe place to push their limits. The Singapore fitness scene has evolved, and there is no shortage of workout spaces. Some, of course, stand out more than others.

This is a continuation of my first Singapore Gyms article.

Here are 4 gyms in Singapore that are worthy to visit:


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One defining characteristic of this brand is class. Boasting seven branches spread across Singapore, GymmBoxx is a fitness palace fit for a bodybuilding king. It goes far and beyond by providing premium facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, group exercise classes, and concierge services. The rates are reasonable, as are the operating hours. Worthy of mention is the squat challenge that seeks to find the limits that human quadriceps can be pushed. It might just be a publicity event, but it helps keep the brand alive.

Visit http://www.gymmboxx.com/

Singapore Sports Hub

Visit http://www.sportshub.com.sg/Venues/Pages/Sports-Hub-Gym.aspx
Visit http://www.sportshub.com.sg/Venues/Pages/Sports-Hub-Gym.aspx

This one had to be on the list, and deservedly so. From first glance, you get the impression that this is a project that has attracted a lot of investment. With the cutting edge design of its architecture to the plethora of activities that it makes possible, this hub is one any athlete, seasoned or not, would like to be a part of. It is a place to not just experience sports and fitness, but also adopt it into a lifestyle. It’s ideal for anyone who likes the stamina and motivation that comes with community fitness.

Virgin Active

Visit http://www.virginactive.com.sg/
Visit http://www.virginactive.com.sg/

The Virgin brand is universally known, and it has spread over into the world of fitness. Starting a little over fifteen years ago, Virgin Active has established a presence in eight different countries, including Singapore. It has amassed a loyal following to the tune of millions, thanks to its approach to fitness. There are two fitness clubs in Singapore, and the allure of the premises is enough to convince you into being a member. Despite the tasty decors and expensive equipment, Virgin active clubs are warm and welcoming, and take on a personal approach to fitness. So if you like life on the fast lane and have a love for pushing your body, you will feel right at home here.

Genesis Gym

Visit http://www.genesisgym.com.sg/
Visit http://www.genesisgym.com.sg/

Genesis is the ideal place for the bodybuilder who likes a gym that takes on a fully personal approach to fitness. Here, your training is based on what your end goals are. It’s crafted into the Genesis Fitness System that is result oriented. The philosophies of this gym are what make it stand out. The fact that it has an academy to empower fitness coaches with all they need to succeed in their craft makes it that much more compelling.

These are some of the most newsworthy gyms in Singapore. They teach the lifestyle of fitness and ensure that you never feel anything below your best, each time you step out of any one of them.

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