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My List of Recommended Singapore Supplement Stores


Singapore may not have as elaborate a bodybuilding industry, but the one presently available is thriving. More and more people are subscribing to the idea of a fit life. Given the kind of liberties an active life gives, it’s a positive trend that more people are choosing to redefine themselves through fitness. If you are looking for supplements to help you along your journey, here are the stores that I would recommend.

Bloom Concept


A new online supplement store on the market. A new kid on the block but it packs a lot of products under its inventory. It has sole right distribution rights for NOW USA Foods and Sports products, the brand which has quality ingredients written all over them. You’ll get free delivery if your order is at least $60, a great deal as some stores requires much higher value. In all, truly recommended to get your supplements. Check out also their other non supplement products.

Halal Nutrition & Supplements


A go-to supplement portal if you are looking for Halal certified products. The website is user friendly and the payment gateway was easy to use. Post-order, the HNS team will deliver your orders promptly. No issues so far on my end when using this supplement company. Support local!



Established in 2003, NutriFirst has grown in leaps and bounds and continues to have one of the most comprehensive supplements catalogues. With over 860 products in the store, covering over 50 of the world’s most renowned brands, you are guaranteed to find the most popular products. The site is very straightforward with a clean, easy to use interface. You can search for products by brand, category, or the product itself. The prices are fair with the deliveries being made from Monday through Saturday.



Also established in 2003, The Supplement Warehouse is a specialty retailer of supplements and fitness accessories. With an inexhaustible product range and three brick and mortar specialty stores, TSW is the place to look when you need products from renowned international brands. The company is authorized to distribute products from AST Sports Science, Nutrabolics, Gold Pro and Universal Nutrition among others. The site has a nice interface. You can shop by either your fitness goals, by brands, or by category. Free next day delivery is guaranteed when you order online.



Launched in 2009, Fitlion has grown from strength to strength and is now one of the leading superstores in Singapore. With a wide range of sport nutrition products and accessories, Fitlion delivers your order in as little as 2 hours. The site is straightforward without any clutter to cloud the interface. You can shop by brand, by category, or by deals if there are any special promos or discounts. Stocking products range from MusclePharm, Arnold Series, BSN, Muscle Tech, Optimum Nutrition among others, there isn’t a popular supplement you won’t find here. The simplicity of the site is really impressive, as is the pricing of the products sold in it.

Supplement Shop


The last entry in the list is Supplement Shop. Incorporated in 2007, the store was established with the vision of providing quality supplements at an affordable price. The site is simple, with the products being outlined on the home page for easy access. There is a search tool if you wish to search for any particular product. Otherwise, you need to use the tabs provided to browse through the catalogs. The Supplement Shop also stocks wellness products in addition to sports nutrition products, making it the most comprehensive store here. It operates between Mondays and Fridays, but deliveries are made any day of the week. Next day delivery costs $5 or is free for orders above $100.

Nutrition Park

Nutrition Park

Nutrition Park is an elaborate health and fitness superstore that was incorporated in 2007. Unlike other stores in this list, Nutrition Park cannot be compartmentalized as a supplements store per se. Its offerings are more diverse, as you can find anything from fitness equipment to tonics, food, apparel and pet supplies. Nutrition Park also has a diverse selection of supplements from many of the leading brands in the world. It is the only retailer in Singapore to stock Controlled Labs supplements. While it may not have the most competitive prices, it is the abundance of health products that make Nutrition Park so compelling.



Nutri-Forefront is a Singapore fitness store that stocks supplements as well as training gear. Established close to a decade and a half ago, the store has grown in leaps and bounds and is one of the most knowledgeable stores in the state.

It is intuitively categorized into a men and women’s section, with each of these leading to an array of products suitable for each gender. It does not have the most comprehensive lineup of supplements from renowned supplement companies, but it does have a fine selection nonetheless. It is the only store to stock Syntraxx supplements for those who prefer the brand. Their prices are competitive too.



“SHOPISUPPLEMENTS” or “Shopping @ iSupplements” is a local sport and health supplements store started in July 2012 and has just expanded in a brick and mortar walk-in store at 18 New Industrial Road, Singapore 536205. They offer affordable supplements and brands that I can’t find locally.

Rich Nutrition

Rich Nutrition


A pleasingly simple site, Rich Nutrition boasts a design that eases navigation. Incorporated just last year in late October, the supplement shop has grown and distinguished itself as one of the premium stores in Singapore. The interface is straightforward, with the products being listed either by brand or by category. Everything from protein supplements to mass gainers and multivitamins is available. It stocks the most popular supplement brands including MuscleTech, Optimum Nutrition, Gaspari Nutrition among others. Most of these are available at very competitive prices. For instance, you can get Xtend with 90 servings for only $77. Also, it is the only store to stock Scivation Whey.

These are the best supplement stores in all of Singapore. If you have any particular product in mind, you will find it in all, or the very least, one of these.

Did I miss out any stores, or you know other Singapore Supplement websites? Forward me the details.

Your fitness pal



  1. First ever Halal & Gluten Free Whey Protein has arrived in Singapore – TITAN Whey Protein. Do let us know if you are doing a review of TITAN Whey ya. A large tub has 70 servings and cost SGD$69.


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