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5 Of Singapore’s Top Fitness Bloggers


Singapore’s fitness industry continues to grow with each passing year. As an island state that is renowned for its fine lifestyle, it is great to see this particular industry flourish. Health is after all, the first of all liberties, and the only one that can enable you to enjoy all others.

There are passionate bloggers who have dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel of fitness. Interestingly, most of them are women. Here are five of the bloggers who have attracted the largest followings with their excellent and useful blogs.

Fay Hokulani


Fay Hokulani

A fitness enthusiast who is also a host and a writer, Fay Hokulani is a vocal advocate for the fit chic lifestyle. With her modeling propelling her ascent to popularity, Fay has become a figure of wellness in Singapore. She opines that you should embrace fitness as a lifestyle, and not just as a passing resolution. She has traveled the globe, chasing whatever interesting experiences life has to offer. On her blog, she talks about everything from healthy food choices to beauty ideas, and tips on how to remain healthy and active.

Cherly Tay



A versatile figure in Singapore, Cherly Tay describes herself as a journalist, writer, photographer and fitness enthusiast. She has a passion for automotive journalism and is very ardent about photography. Having tried her hand at modeling, Cherly has lived a decorated life, and is a vocal advocate of healthy, active living. A firm believer in a dynamic fitness regime, she does everything from HIIT to weight training as well as Muay Thai. Her credibility is exemplified by her status as a writer for Yahoo! Singapore’s fitness section.

Georgina Poh


Georgina Poh

An Optimum Nutrition sponsored athlete, Georginah Poh writes on fitness, food and passion on her self-titled blog. She reviews fitness gadgets, offers tutorials on the best ways of executing popular exercises, and shares food ideas for those who want to maintain a healthy diet. She also shares her experiences on her fitness expeditions on her blog.

Angeline Tan


FITBUNNEY Angeline Tan

Angeline Tan has a story that most people can relate to. After struggling with weight and her self-image, she underwent a journey of transformation the old fashioned way- through diet and exercise. Having overcome her past, she now shares the lessons she picked up along the way, and inspires many others who would want to find their fit selves. Her blog touches on fitness, beauty and healthy eating.

Shawn Lim


Shawn Lim crossfit

Shawn Lim is one of the personalities driving the fitspiration craze that has been rocking Singapore. He started lifting weights at the age of 16, and now, seven years later, he has become a symbol of inspiration and an embodiment of what is possible if you commit to a life of fitness. He has grown to love Crossfit, and avidly talks about it on his blog. He is one of the go-to figures when you want inspiration for your fitness.

These are some of the active participant in Singapore’s active blogosphere. If your resolve to become fitter has not waned, these five fitness enthusiasts will give you a source of motivation to regularly draw from.

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