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Singapore Top Fitness Bloggers


A big sign that the Singapore gym culture is becoming strong is the fact that the country now has its own bloggers who are passionate about all things fitness.

While they may not be as experienced and popular as similar bloggers of an international status, these are already a good enough living proof that their training and lifestyle works and anyone can join them in this journey to become their best version.

Let’s have a look below at Singapore fitness bloggers who have built a following quickly and have important things to tell us:

Jasmine Danker

Visit Jasmine at http://www.jasminedanker.com/
Visit Jasmine at http://www.jasminedanker.com/

Jasmine is a personal trainer and also a Crossfit level 1 trainer who also has Celiac disease. Thus, her posts have a focus on gluten free foods, so these are definitely of interest to a certain crowd. If you find it hard to tailor your diet to accommodate both your gluten intolerance and your desire to grow muscle, then you will find this blog useful. Her plethora of certifications recommend her as a true fitness expert who can teach about fat loss and strength, circuit training, weight lifting and conditioning, to name a few of her specialties.

Limaran Augustina

Visit Limaran at http://limaranagustina.blogspot.com/
Visit Limaran at http://limaranagustina.blogspot.com/

A fan of healthy living, Limaran Augustina also offers personal training sessions and blogs about everything connected, including beauty and lifestyle. Besides the regular specializations, she is also knowledgeable of HIIT circuit training and endurance/weight/resistance/functional training. Limaran constantly blogs about her travels and experiences, which give her the opportunity to introduce useful dishes as well as tips for training while on the road.


Visit Heechai at http://www.heechai.com/
Visit Heechai at http://www.heechai.com/

Heechai has set up a resource for continuous improvement, to help you feel and look better day by day. He will greet you with very interesting blog topics that will make you curious. In addition, you can find motivational resources and reviews that Singapore and international gym enthusiasts or beginners find very useful. You will learn about how to eat clean even when you’re out, which gym clubs are better or what we can learn from various fitness gurus.

Ashley Foo

Visit Ashley at http://muscleception.blogspot.com/
Visit Ashley at http://muscleception.blogspot.com/

Creator of Muscleception, Ashley Foo is often challenging the norms and encouraging others to do so, too. The blog is filled with tips about diet and muscle building at any level, but is also a source of coupons and shopping deals related to the fitness world. In addition, the writer is often reaching to the philosophical side of life and its practical aspects. There is an unusual take on many things and can even make you love dieting once you’ve read the explanations.

Sheikha Nguyen

Visit Sheikha at http://www.sheikhanguyen.com/
Visit Sheikha at http://www.sheikhanguyen.com/

The fitness model takes Singapore gym blogging to the next level, as she often presents herself doing various exercises her followers can learn. This is the easiest way to show what it’s all about, plus that her physique is proof of the efficiency of her methods. Sheikha is a fitness trainer and a competitor who video blogs and can show you how to train the different muscle groups – nothing more, nothing less but efficient exercise.

Singapore fitness bloggers are important because they educate on a desirable routine. They show it’s possible in Singapore, with the local gyms and foods. They show how Western habits can be adapted to suit Asia and help one reach their fitness goals.

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