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How Sled Pulling Helps In Muscle Building


Powerlifters, as well as other athletes, often happen to talk about sled pulling as a means to build muscle. Know that, if you are lifting weights yourself, then you could incorporate this exercise into your routine, too.

Sled pulling – improving balance smartly

First of all, let’s see how this is special when compared to any other exercise. Most have an eccentric and a concentric phase. There’s a succession of lowering and lifting. When you push the weight up, it is considered the concentric phase. This is actually letting you handle a lot more weight so it’s the movement that helps build more muscle. There is no such thing with sled pulling or pushing. However, you still need the eccentric phase because it is essential to muscle health. Therefore, it’s all about smart balance.

To reach this state of balance, you can add sled pulling to your workouts. This will improve your acceleration capability as well as greater speed overall. You will get your arms and legs moving together in a well-coordinated movement. The core also gets a good workout and is made strong. In turn, this newly acquired strength will power up so many of your other exercises. In addition, should you aim for better stability, keep working with sled.

Incorporating sled pulling in your daily exercise

Sled training is mainly for conditioning and strength. It’s an exercise that can be varied and pose new challenges, depending on the surface you choose. You may opt for a padded mat to pull the sled on, but if you’re up to something more difficult then you may try gravel or grass. It’s all very different. Moreover, you may want to attach chains or ropes to the sled.

Because sled exercises lack the negative part of the movement (eccentric or negative phase), your body will be having more of a recovery time. Don’t rely on this, however, when you need to recover or to have daily intense training. Still, a sled can get you to exercise like a maniac. If you’re using a light model, you can start sprinting as you drag it along. This workout is terrific for your muscles. You may also use a vest or a belt so you can attach the sled to your own body. This is known as the bear crawl when you move forward on your hand and feet. You can do sled rows, too. Stand facing the sled, grab the straps and pull it towards you.

These movements have a fat loss effect, too. Go ahead and learn sled pulling, it’s very easy. It’s one piece of equipment that’s just so simple to use. If you find it too light or too easy, you can always make it more complicated and challenging. Either increase the speed or add something to weigh it down.

Sled pulling is one of those exercises that are considered perfect for “general preparation”. This is because they involve so many parts of your body and so many muscles. Besides, you will have “active recovery days” with it.

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