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How Squatting With Chains Will Make You Stronger


A gym that respects itself makes sure to have thick, heavy metal chains as equipment for its members. These may seem like they’re out of context, but they’re actually very helpful. Just like exercising with big ropes, metal chains will also help you bulk.

Why should you consider using these chains?

In your efforts of progressive overloading, you should incorporate this kind of chains. It’s because these get more of your muscles involved. When you are working with small-size weights, such as kettlebells, you only feel these in your hands. A chain, on the other hand, will also rest on your shoulders. Thus, there’s more going on for your body. You can do push-ups with a chain on your shoulders, as well as squats, planks and chin ups. Give it a try and see the difference instantly.

Most gym goers just think that using bigger weights in their hands or on their legs will ensure that much needed progress and give the muscles a greater push. While that certainly works, it’s much more efficient to focus on equipment that involves more muscles and therefore more power. Think about weighted vests. Have you ever tried one? These are a bigger challenge to the body. They give more weight to every exercise you perform and work especially on the core muscles, strengthening that entire area. You’ll get similar benefits from using metal chains.

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Louie Simmons (Famed American powerlifter who developed the popular ‘Westside Barbell’ strength program) has been doing a lot of chain squatting and that also improved his lifting speed greatly. If you tend to be a slow lifter, then this is going to help you too, even if you are not at his level. You may attach a chain to the bar you are using for squats. The weight that is resting on the ground will not affect you, but the resistance does increase when you move upwards. When you go up, you can move that weight.

Thus, if you are looking for that explosive strength, you should definitely start using chains this way. Mentally, these exercises will also help you a great deal. At the same time, your trunk starts to experience more stability, as you progress with your chain training. The core gets a good workout and everyone know that improves your stability and powers all your other moves. It’s not about the added weight only – it is also about the moving chains that often get you out of balance. Therefore, you learn how to fix that aspect, too.


Overall, your lifting techniques will be improved thanks to this mentioned imbalance and fluctuation. Chains aren’t just a trend or a tool to impress gym fellows. They are there to improve your powerlifting game. Besides, these are so versatile, so may use them in a long series of exercises. Next time you see someone using chains at the gym, go and ask them how they’re feeling about it. You will find out many interesting facts and tips.

Also, you may have a look at the world’s strongest athletes. You will see that they are using chains, too. It’s not something they do for the image!

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