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Are Squats Superior To Leg Presses?


So many athletes, bodybuilders included, talk about squats on and on! While these may be awesome, are they superior to the leg press?

Squats vs leg presses – the comparison

Some say the leg press is better than the squat because the risks and benefits are more balanced. At the same time, these led to an increased level of performance. However, such results are seen only in perfectly healthy athletes. Should there be any issues, the parameters are different. Still, the healthy ones are being advised by trainers and seasoned gym goers to give more credit to leg presses.

Leg presses – benefits and risks involved

Safety is a number one concern here. Leg presses aren’t suitable to any body type and that’s an important aspect. Thus, different people will have different results. The average people do benefit from these, however. It’s the more special types that may not find it so suitable, especially since there is no adjustment to make.

Posture is something of extreme importance during exercise. If it’s altered in any way and it’s bad, then it will have a whole series of negative effects that only accumulate with time. You can get injuries and serious misalignment from this. The leg press should not be part of your fitness routine if it’s not entirely suitable to your body. When you add weights to it, it can become even more dangerous.

Amazing benefits of squats


Squats are preferred by many because these have the body in a more natural position. You don’t face the same weight as you engage in these. The compressive force will not do as much damage. The forces to deal with are all natural and not added. Besides, the safety is enhanced and your back is protected. The knees are strengthened. Also, if you want increased stability, you should focus on the squat. The leg press doesn’t lead to better stability.

An interesting effect of squats is that they increase hormonal levels. It’s the testosterone, as you might have guessed, but also the human growth hormone. The greatest increase occurs with moderate intensity programs with short breaks. This is when the body is prompted to release the most of these hormones.

Squats – the choice of many top athletes

You may get very confused because people in general can use the leg press for much longer than the squat. There is a simple explanation to that: leg presses don’t require balancing, while squats do. To know more about which is more efficient, look at the top athletes with amazing leg muscle volume. Tom Platz (Bodybuilding legend rated having one of the best leg development in the history of bodybuilding) is by far the greatest athlete when it comes to this. His secret is about squats. These work on the whole body and are safe, so this means a good athlete can carry on with his program efficiently. Tom Platz has never been fond of leg presses. This alone should say a lot about what top athletes know to yield results.

The leg press can still get you to build mass, however. It’s not as useless as some may make it seem. In fact, it is very suitable to beginners. Still, don’t expect hypertrophy to be increased – not as much as with the squat.

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