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Strategies To Hang Onto Your New Year Fitness Resolution


It’s totally frustrating to have your resolutions fail year by year. Why do some people succeed? Why so many fail? Is it truly nearly impossible to start changing your life? After all, you’re only trying to change one habit; it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

It’s never really easy with fitness and weight loss goals – that’s a fact. You can, however, lay the foundation for a better future and an improved you. The following advice will help you set a goal and stick to it.

1. Have a realistic goal

Firstly, don’t be vague about it. Don’t say, “I want to look better”. Instead, go with, “I want to lose 10 kg of weight and tone my muscles” or whichever suits you. Make sure it’s a realistic, attainable goal and that no certain condition prevents you from achieving it. You may have to visit a physician, do some blood tests and other check-ups.

2. Break it down into manageable tasks

This is the solution to keeping things simple. Understand what you have to do in order to reach your goal. Break the effort into small chunks. Do something for your goal every day, even if it’s little (eating healthy, doing cardio etc.).

3. Be social

Getting social in relation to one’s fitness goal has ensured success to many. It’s good, for example, to start going to the gym with a friend. Also, you can join fitness communities, where stories and tips are being shared. It will make you feel like part of something bigger and infuse you with enthusiasm. This method works. Don’t be alone with your goals and expectations.

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4. Give yourself fuel

By fuel we mean good nutrition – have more wholesome, healthy food than the highly processed type. Take a vitamin and mineral supplement and also help yourself with protein shakes if needed. Invest in high quality supplements. Opt for a product that can stimulate you and keep your energy levels high – it shouldn’t necessarily be caffeine-based; green tea extract can do a better job. Also, ginseng has remarkable properties. Make sure you have the needed energy for every workout.

5. Rest properly

Gym effort must be followed by rest, otherwise you won’t have the chance to recover and build a stronger body. Don’t exert yourself every day. Sleep well night by night. Do not have any stimulants during the evening or even afternoon if you know that will keep you awake at night. You need a deep, sound sleep.

6. Don’t overwhelm yourself with many resolutions

We already talked about setting realistic goals. Also, one should be careful about not setting too many goals at once – no matter how realistic these are. If you’re trying to commit to a gym schedule and at the same time quit smoking, learn how to cook and maybe learn a new language too, it’s too much. Don’t make huge, overwhelming changes to your life.

Create new habits slowly and steadily. Don’t forget to reward yourself (without compromising your results) whenever you have accomplished an important task.


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