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The Biggest Calves In Bodybuilding History


Big, strong calves are manly, there’s no denying. On the other hand, weak and thin calves can easily ruin your image, no matter how muscular the rest of your body is.

In the early years of bodybuilding, most athletes’ calves were underdeveloped, compared to today’s looks. Even Arnold’s legs were not that big. Tom Platz was a notable exception. Also, Tom’s proof that the current leg development trend is not necessarily due to the drugs being used.

Mike Matarazzo

His 21′ calves are simply incredible – their angular look is like stone-cut, it’s simply insane. He was also a tall man, hence the dimensions his muscles reached. How did he do it though? He stretched and contracted his calf muscles as much as possible, never ignoring the whole range of motion. He massaged them after each set and never lowered the standard. His favorite exercises were standing and seated calf raises, along with toe presses.

Ben Pakulski

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His calves dimension stand at 19′, as some say, while others claim they’re well over 20′. If you are just to look at pictures, one thing is certain: Ben’s calves are colossal. For numerous times he spoke about how hard it was to train them and the burning pain he had to stand. He struggled too in the beginning, until he realized he had to pay much more attention those bodily parts, just like he would with his arms, chest and so on.

Aaron Baker

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Here’s another textbook example. His calves are super-angular and at times they even look bigger than his head. Their size is surprising for a black man’s musculature. He was truly gifted in that department, but he was also still fully focused at the end of his training sessions when he would have to focus on the calves. He generally had short sessions, of 45 minutes, but got himself totally exhausted. His resting time was of only 10 seconds.

Erik Fankhouser

His freaky calves are outstanding and he is simply the man of the moment when it comes to this. Known as “The House”, Erik has been disciplined like a Spartan since a very early age. His vintage photos show an incredible size. Also, he is quick to turn you into a believer if you think it’s all in the genes and you can’t grow those calves. His tips for monster legs are: training variety, repetition, hitting the calf muscles with exercises from every angle for 3D growth and definitely doing complete moves.

Get those incredible calves

For amazing calves, you have to stay focused and never be pleased just with partial reps. Always try to go all the way with your calves, involving the toes and heels, as all these men have testified.

Many have noticed that calf muscles tend to be stubborn and don’t grow as fast. It is true, genetics also play a role. In addition, genetics make some people have a lot of fat around their legs, so this makes it harder to strip off these layers to reveal the ripped muscle underneath. Also, the difficulty of growing big calf muscles may also be because of a lack of proper exercise, of high intensity.

Increasing your Whey Protein intake will help in getting bigger calves.

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