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The Don’t and Do List If You Are Bodybuilding


Are you guilty of any of the bodybuilding mistakes below? Check these common wrong paths and correct your strategy, to reach your fitness goals.

1. Not listening to your body

Pushing oneself to the limit is common among bodybuilders. After all, everyone at the gym believes in mantras such as “no pain, no gain”. The same goes with food and rest, not just with effort. The body begins to send off warning signals, to tell that something is wrong or excessive. These may come as hunger, exhaustion, sleepiness, various kinds of injuries, lack of motivation and so on. If you feel you need to get a break and rest, then do so. Your body makes you feel that way for a reason. ‘Contradicting’ it means pushing it too far, depleting its resources and weakening instead of strengthening it.

2. Ignoring your genetics

You may do so, but only to a certain extent. The media, the gym bros, some Internet ‘guru’, maybe even your idols tell you that, with enough effort, you can get to look just like a ripped god. It’s all about what you do and how motivated you stay, they say, but that’s not entirely true. People belong to three main types, according to the general shape and characteristics of their body: endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph. Some are hard gainers, other build muscle with ease. The former have a very quick metabolism, and so they must increase their calorie intake. Genetics eventually have a say in how quickly and efficiently we build muscle or lose fat.

3. Following fad diets

A new diet is revealed and some people seem to have great results with it. Everyone then has a try at it, but with very different, often disappointing results. Don’t give into a fad diet before you properly research it and deem it fit for yourself. Some diets may work well for a certain body, type but not for yours.

4. Skipping the basics

Basic, common exercises are the best for bodybuilding. Do not skip these looking for sophisticated workouts. Keep it simple and effective. Squats, presses, deadlifts and biceps curls are the ‘ordinary’ kinds of exercise that get the job done.

5. Avoiding sleep

Needing sleep is not a sign of weakness. It allows you to rest long enough to allow your body to repair itself and rebuild the muscle better than before. Rest lets you make proper use of your nutrition and fixes your hormones.

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