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The Sad State of Singapore Bodybuilding


Currently, Singapore has no bodybuilding national body that is recognized by Sports Singapore. This prestigious institution had delisted the Singapore Bodybuilding Federation (SBBF) in 2013 because of certain scandals.

Bodybuilding is Not Acknowledged by the Singapore Government!

Sports Singapore doesn’t even want to acknowledge the country’s experienced bodybuilders like Joan Liew, who has been practicing the sport for 20 years. The government simply refuses to fund or to reward sports excellence if it’s concerned with bodybuilding. Cheryl does participate in the most prestigious competitions around the world, but this doesn’t change anything at home in Singapore.

SBBF and Its Damaging Reputation

There’s no real national body for this demanding sport in Singapore. The recent events had a decisive negative impact on the formerly active organizations. The former SBBF was in a deplorable state because of doping scandals and was eventually delisted by the then SSC, now SportsSG. Its NSA status was revoked in August 2013 on the grounds that it could no longer serve the interests of the athletes and of the sport itself. The federation wasn’t credible anymore, and not able to represent bodybuilding at a national level.

Negative Effect on Bodybuilders due to SBBF Incompetency

The event came with sad consequences: bodybuilders could not receive any funds (these were stopped in 2011 altogether) and they could no longer be sent to represent their country in competitions abroad. It was not about the doping offence of the 7 athletes, but also about the undischarged bankruptcy of the SBBF President and incompetence in administration. The federation had failed to respond to the concerns raised by the then SSC, now Sports Singapore. The leadership was deeply flawed.

Reviving the Bodybuilding Community of Singapore

Efforts by new groups aim to bring back the local bodybuilding to its previous standard and reputation. The Singapore bodybuilding community may be severely fragmented now, but it seems that this is the necessary step in order to give way to a new age for this sport, a cleaner one that will restore the dignity of bodybuilding. One of the newly emerged directions has already become popular and developed into a trend. It is thus possible that the classic bodybuilding itself will make a real comeback at some point, free of the troubles and drama of the past.

ActiveSG is said to be taking over the interest of the bodybuilders’ community. There is also the alternative Singapore Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation, the rival that is planning to become the new leader. Since 2012, there has also been the Bodybuilding Singapore, led by Kevin Chiak, which is largely concerned with fitness and fitness modeling. This newer trend has been massively replacing bodybuilding in Singapore because of the lower doping risk and its manageability. At the same time, it means good grounds for rebuilding the credibility and appeal of bodybuilding. The restoration of this sport could be well on its way.

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