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The secret to building muscles, IGF-1


Muscular physique is a sign of being strong and portrays a powerful image, which is often the cynosure of all eyes. Take some of the movie stars and famous celebrities for instance. Many individuals thus desire to build a strong and muscular physique just like their favorite stars or to be the center of attention or to standout like a strong and powerful individual like their favorite idols.

But building muscles does not happen on its own, like a miracle. It requires a lot of hard work and following a well-balanced and clean diet and lifestyle. The diet requires a lot of additional supplements which might not be coming in sufficient quantities from normal food sources. For instance, proteins and hormones are very vital ingredients for bulking up. Proteins are the building blocks of the body which are a must to build muscles. Similarly, hormones, specifically the growth hormones, play a role in muscle building. The critical hormones, such as testosterone and insulin-like growth factors (IGF-1), endow strength to the body and provide the stimulus required for growth of muscles.

Insulin like growth factors (IGF-1) – What is it?

As the name suggests, this hormone is similar to the insulin hormone found in the body and is secreted by the liver of the body. It is a protein peptide (polypeptide) hormone thus called due to its make up consisting of 70 bonded amino acids. The primary function of this hormone is to assist with muscle growth and also functions to carry out repair of muscles in adults. IGF-1 is primarily responsible for bone growth seen in children and is essential for overall development in that age group.

Role of IGF – 1 in building of muscles

IGF-1 aids in the improvement of gym performance and development of muscles owing to its anabolic nature. Upon binding to receptors specific to IGF-1, the hormone initiates an anabolic process of cell division which leads to hypertrophy, (which is the growth of muscles) and promotes the production of new muscle cells, which is termed as hyperplasia, thus leading to mass gain which is noticeable.

Additionally, IGF-1 helps with cartilage repair and impacts the connective tissue in a positive manner too, adding to its list of benefits.

However, whenever this hormone substitute is to be taken, it needs to be injected as otherwise it will not be able to perform the desired action.

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