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The Secret to Bulking – Increasing your Appetite


Bulking is a fairly big challenge – especially to hard gainers. Mass appears when you feed your body adequately; the more you want to have, the more you need to give it. Here is when many face a real issue: they just cannot seem to be able to eat more, once the saturation has set. The full stomach and the lump in the throat do not allow one to engorge more food in order to get the necessary nutrient quantities to pump up their muscles. What they need to work on here is their appetite.

You need to eat to achieve a bodybuilder’s body

Let’s stay honest- unless you are able to devour impressive quantities of food, you will not achieve a bodybuilder’s fitness goals. Many people are simply unable to do that, though. The appetite isn’t the same for everyone. If you struggle to get enough calories, you should start by focusing on dense foods. This way, you’re getting plenty of calories and nutrients in a small volume of food. Try getting more fats, nuts, butter, milk and other dense liquids, like smoothies. This is how you begin bulking more efficiently. Some even take olive oil ‘shots’.

Resorting to liquid foods

When the stomach and the appetite are small, many enthusiasts resort to protein shakes and to various dense smoothies. An intake of such liquids supplements solid food effectively. It’s easier to down fluids than to eat regular food. The market has an impressive number of different formulations, to suit every need and taste.

Foods to avoid

You can also lower your fiber intake and avoid foods that fill you with water (like watery vegetables and fruit) – it’s the opposite of appetite cutting. Skip the caffeine, it diminishes your hunger. Use peptides as a supplement, because these add to the growth hormone.

Don’t forget cardio

Cardio may also help you – as long as you keep it balanced. It speeds up your metabolism and makes you feel hungry immediately. Cardio workouts prompt your body to burn calories, too. For this reason, you have to stop soon enough, since you don’t want this to be counter-productive. Keep its duration for maximum one hour.

Keep in mind that food isn’t everything you need to worry about. It is only 50%. Bulking depends on the quality of food, but especially on your weight lifting efforts. Therefore, as any bodybuilder would say, you will not bulk up unless you work very, very hard and focus on every muscle group. Do not attempt hormonal modifications, these may be dangerous.

I recommend supplements to help in your bulking.

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