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Tips to avoid Christmas weight gain


The Christmas fun is easily ruined if you have to stay away from the season’s goodies and say no to the food you’re so generously being served with. Whether it’s family dinners or parties with friends, you can’t be the weird one and refuse to eat. Also, you can’t be perpetually stressing over your increasing weight. You can balance things and maintain your weight with a few smart tips:

1. Plan your meals in advance

If you are going to do the cooking, know what you’re going to prepare and opt for healthy recipes. Don’t leave this for the last minute, or you risk cooking only easy, deep-fried dishes.

2. Choose fresh dips

Dips are an excellent way to complete a festive table. Instead of fattening ones, you can choose avocado or mango paste, onion dip, yogurt etc. Buy healthy dips.

3. Pay attention to your drinking

Drinking alcohol dehydrates and also makes you eat more. Don’t allow yourself to have too much of it. In addition, instead of sugary drinks, opt for light ones that are enriched with fruits.

4. Focus on light side dishes

You may not be able to skip the steak, but at least you can pair this with a non-fattening side dish, such as a fresh salad. Mashed potatoes can be replaced by cauliflower, for example.

5. Taking time to enjoy

You should slow down during the holidays. Take time to talk to people, to enjoy the moment and savor the food slowly. Don’t make eating a priority. This way you’ll consume a lot less and you will feel full much sooner.

6. Focus on other activities

People who are too busy rarely find the time to eat and when they do, they don’t manage to devour much. How would you be so busy at Christmas though? It’s simple. Plan other seasonal activities. Meet friends and relatives, go skating, go for a walk, visit the countryside or the mountains, have crafting sessions, gift giving etc. There is so much you can focus on! Christmas, after all, shouldn’t be about a full table and rich food. If no one is making plans for you, be the one to make plans for others. Invite guests at your place and keep them entertained.

7. Take advantage of the snow (If your place snows)

If the weather brings some snow, enjoy the gift and become active. It’s very pleasurable, fun and easy. Go sledging or ice skating. Or, simply start building snowmen. Playing around in the snow, regardless of your age, will keep you slim and will fight back all those calorie laden foods.

8. Dance

If the climate doesn’t include any snow, you may just be an urban sprite and go to a few parties this Christmas. Don’t be shy to dance. This will make you more social and will also burn the calories you’ve consumed. Plus, it will help you have such wonderful memories.

You don’t need total deprivation in order to avoid the Christmas weight gain. One can still have the season’s culinary experiences and celebrate along with everyone else.

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