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5 Quick Tips to Increase your iHerb Affiliate Income


iHerb has been frequently described as the best affiliate network. It’s enough to refer 3 people to the world-famous health store to have a passive income of over $200. Each new referral will get you a part of what they spend with iHerb. You will get the same from the ones referred by them, up to the 4th level.

Multilevel networks like this shouldn’t scare you. If you feel stuck or want to make more of it, here is how to boost its efficiency:

1. Choose the environment that works for you

Maybe you don’t have a website to post iHerb offers on, or your blog barely gets any traffic. This doesn’t have to be an issue. You may have friends on Facebook and be very active there or perhaps within another social network. Use the environment that feels comfortable to you and be active. Start spreading the word about iHerb and be there in case you’re being asked questions by your peers. In case you happen to write frequently in a forum, place an iHerb ad in your signature space. Remember to cycle it whenever there is a new hot offer.

2. Be a customer

When you are an actual iHerb customer, you are able to give first-hand opinions on specific products. When your family, friends or co-workers hear about your experience with the store and what it sells, then they will find it trustworthy. Instead of looking desperately for prospects online, simply talk to people around you – tell them what you got from iHerb and how it helped you.

3. Use it in emails

Don’t spam! Just place an iHerb banner along with your signature to every email you have to send throughout the day. Insert it in a natural and non-aggressive way. Make sure you have picked an interesting product or a great deal to promote – which is really easy with iHerb, since it has countless discounts and offers on thousands of products.

My income at iHerb has been exponentially increasing! You have to join iHerb to believe it for yourself!
My income at iHerb has been exponentially increasing! You have to join iHerb to believe it for yourself!

4. Renew it!

As already suggested, you should change your ad every now and then (preferably more often). The people you come in contact with online will soon get tired of seeing the same ad. If you change it often, you may eventually show something they are genuinely interested in. Once they sign up to iHerb, they may want to order more.

5. Ad reviews

Write a new review for a product and also put the coupon code along with it. People who are interested enough to read a review will be willing to make a purchase. Therefore, you must take advantage of this. They will click your coupon code and this is how you get them. This is a highly effective way to bring in more customers.

Be mindful though – don’t get too enthusiastic in your efforts. Make sure you’ve read the terms and conditions and never cross the iHerb rules. Otherwise you risk making your campaign ineffective and even getting banned from the affiliate program.

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