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What is a Toe Separator and why Bodybuilders need it


Many bodybuilders have started training barefoot, especially during squats and certain weight training exercises. Earlier, many athletes used shoes and footwear, which instead of helping them with their posture and training caused damage to the foot and ankle, leading to dysfunction of them. Post this maximalist trend where all kinds of footwear with loads of cushioning and different shoes were explored and found to not overcome certain dysfunctions, the fitness industry slowly steered back towards the minimalist trend. The minimalist trend refers to going barefoot or having footwear that is barely there and this trend has really helped bodybuilders. One such almost minimalist product that is found to be beneficial for fitness enthusiasts is the toe separator.

What is a toe separator?

A toe separator is a device usually made of comfortable materials, such as cotton, foam, moleskin, or gel with the aim to keep the toes separated from each other. This is so that the toes do not rub against each other and cause friction or pain and irritation and thereby provide comfort to the one wearing it. This separator is especially useful for those who have crooked or overlapping toes or toes that are pinched since they experience discomfort especially while running and when fitting into shoes that are closed or tighter in the front. The constant rubbing of the toes together can lead to corns or sores and a toe separator helps prevent it.

The flexible materials of the toe separators make them easy to wear and use. It can even ease the discomfort experienced on the toes while walking barefoot.

Why bodybuilders need toe separators?

Bodybuilders can train better when barefoot as faulty shoes and incorrect mechanics of the ankle can lead to negative impact on the muscles, and functioning as well as mechanics of the muscles. But many are not able to perform most activities barefoot or with minimal footwear, indicating that something must be wrong with their foot or ankle (probably a deficiency) and this can easily be overcome by using toe separators.

The feet and toe as well as the ankle are vital for a lot of functioning of the body, especially while training as a bodybuilder. In the intensive workout, a small dysfunction of the feet could probably affect the entire workout and subsequently the physique. Therefore it is highly recommended for bodybuilders to use toe separators while training to provide proper support and comfort.

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