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Top 10 Bodybuilder With The Best Backs Of All Time


Bodybuilding is a sport that requires immense hard work and dedication. When the results of the same start showing on the body, the pleasure and satisfaction can be beyond words.

A dream physique in terms of bodybuilding typically consists of all the toned and ripped muscles with perfect contours. But the perfect back is considered the true crowd pleaser, where the muscles are in shape too compared with the front and all they contour perfectly.

The best rear view comprises of a permutation and combination of either the lock in the double biceps of the rear or the lat spreads when unfurled or the perfect flex of a combination of muscles both big, such as the spinal erectors, traps and lats, as well as the small muscles, such as the rhomboids, infraspinatus and the major and minor teres. All of this together makes the rear view highly unpredictable and combined with the intricate details of the muscles, the backs are sometimes the deciding factors to rank the best bodies from the rest.

This list of bodybuilders with the best backs is proof of the popularity of the rear view –

Ronnie Coleman

Coleman is considered as the numero uno while flexing his back muscles, being compared to an orchestra symphony, where his muscles displayed feathered refinement as his knots and ridges roamed while crevices and stripes emerged when he hit the rear double biceps and the lat spread.

Dorian Yates

This former Mr. Olympia’s back formed a perfect square structure but his prominent feature of the back was its unparalleled and perfect thickness. His inner traps were akin to football size slabs and lats were deep and dense along with column-like spinal erectors.

Franco Columbu

Columbu was not a tall builder, at 5’5” inches, but his wide back was broader than several bodybuilders who were taller than him. His dense spinal erectors, traps, and lats made him a winner as far as the back was considered and the denseness was credited to his years as a powerlifter.

Samir Bannout

Popularly known as the ‘Lion of Lebanon’ Bannout took the rear torso to new levels of popularity owing to his delineations. This Mr Olympia (1983)’s back was compared to a Christmas tree due to the branch like striations of the spinal erectors and the triangular shape formed by the inner as well as lower lats.

Jean-Pierre Fux

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This Swiss bodybuilder had a back that was deep, expansive and rugged from every angle. His clavicles were one of the longest and reminded one of drapes against a window as he spread his lats.

Joel Stubb

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This former airline pilot might have initially gotten skeptical looks for being considered having one of the best backs, since it did not have the requisite thickness, especially in his double bicep spread shot. But when he unfurled his broad back (considered one of the broadest as he could unfurl it further), he did put most of the critics’ doubts to rest.

Johnnie O. Jackson

Renowned as a bodybuilder as well as a powerlifter, Johnnie Jackson worked out religiously and got even better with age. In fact, he is considered as one of the strongest builders and is known for his hybrid training that helped him develop the perfect rear with the right width and thickness.

Randeep Lotay

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This Sikh bodybuilder had a passion for gyming which went to make him a name to reckon with in the bodybuilding world. For someone who has started his bodybuilding career, Randeep’s lats have the perfect width and his rear spread and the muscles are considered to be quite impressive.

Phil Heath

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The list is incomplete without the mention of the current Mr. Olympia, nicknamed as ‘The Gift’, who has won the title seven years in a row. It can definitely not be denied that his rear torso is as good as his frontal view.

Bruce Lee

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He definitely does not require an introduction and though Bruce Lee is not a bodybuilder per se, his torso can put many a builders to shame. His back had the perfect width, though not that dense and his workout is an inspiration to many.

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