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Top 3 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements of 2018


Sometimes, achieving a better gym performance and growing bigger, better-defined muscles is not about increasing your protein intake, or your sets and reps. It could be simply a matter of hormones, but what can you do when this seems to be a matter cast in stone and dictated by Mother Nature or by your genetics? Is it possible to alter your hormone levels and to do that safely? With testosterone, the masculinity booster, there is no harm in increasing the amounts, especially if it’s through natural means. You can do this by ingesting supplements made for this purpose. See the leading brands for 2018 in this regard:

Now Foods, Sports, Tribulus, 1000mg

1 gram of standardized Tribulus Terrestris extract – obtained from a plant that’s been used since Antiquity in Greece or India for example, to boost virility. You get 180 potent tablets that naturally increase your testosterone level without any unwanted side effects. The concentration of beneficial saponins is of 45%. In addition, Tribulus extract promotes healthy endocrine functions and keeps men healthy overall. You only need to take one tablet each day so the quantity will last for a very long time. It’s a great deal and a quality product.

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Optimum Nutrition, Tribulus, 625mg

This is a cheaper supplement but it also contains fewer servings and little Tribulus extract. Why do we promote products made with this plant, including this one? It is because it’s harmless and a very safe alternative to all other testosterone supplementing methods. This brand is focused only on the Tribulus fruit and all extracts are sourced from it. It thus comes in a highly reliable form. The saponins are standardized to produce the best kind of extract.

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ALLMAX Nutrition, TribX90, 100% Pure Tribulus Terrestris 2X Potency, 750mg

90 capsules and 750 mg potency is what you get from ALLMAX Nutrition. The manufacturer advertises it as double potency and that may be confusing since the extracted quantity isn’t the highest. However, this is a notable product because it uses a Bulgarian variety of Tribulus, which is considered to yield a more concentrated extract. Moreover, the plant is only harvested at its peak season. The amount of extra care is visible in the results: 90% saponins in the finite product. This appears to be indeed the highest value out there. These are steroidal saponins and have been researched and deemed as efficient in helping bodybuilders raise their testosterone levels and muscular performance and mass.

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