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Top 3 Best Whey Protein Supplements of 2018


Everyone in search of great supplements for muscle size wants to skip the research/shopping around part out there when it comes to purchasing protein powder especially. It gets extremely confusing when there are so many similar products. For this reason, here is a very short post to help you out with that – you can now know the top supplements for 2018 to provide you with excellent quality whey protein:

Now Foods, Sports, Whey Protein Isolate

Looking for highly bioavailable, well-filtered whey protein isolate to pump your muscular growth? Now Foods produced a formula delivering 25 g protein and a total of 33 g of essential amino acids per serving. It contains no artificial ingredients, mixes with ease and provides microfiltered BCAAs. You will find this product in Dutch Chocolate flavour and comes in a generous quantity of over 2 kg (5 lbs). What is also nice about this formulation is that there are no bad, artificial sweeteners to be found in it – something which you usually cannot dodge.

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Optimum Nutrition, Gold Standard, 100% Whey

With Gold Standard, you will get 5.5 g BCAAs and 24 g of protein, enriched with Glutamine and Glutamic acid for building lean muscle and strength. The sources are whey protein concentrate, isolate and peptides. In the flavour department, it is not entirely natural but also contains some artificial flavourings. Because it’s instantized, you can mix the powder in a shaker or simply in a glass. In addition, you can blend it together with other supplements to make an even more powerful concoction for your training days. It is a rather costly product, but it has whey protein isolates, which represent the purest form you will find.

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California Gold Nutrition, Whey Protein Isolate, Instantized, Ultra-Low Lactose

For 5 lb (almost 2300 g) of powder and the quality it delivers, it’s worth the price. Firstly, the purity of this formula is something to rejoice about: there are no fillers, no artificial sweeteners, vegetable oils, thickening agents or other elements on the ‘blacklist’. You get an impressive 27 g of protein from grade A dairy, resulting from a highly advanced filtration and isolation process. The powder is also instantized, so you can quickly mix it whenever you need to drink your protein, preferably before and after workouts. Have a look at its label for more info and it is guaranteed to convince you that this is a top-tier supplement for muscle growth.

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